Friday, February 20, 2015


Got up a little late this morning, the warm bed felt to good today !!
I am still having to be really careful outside as the ice seems to get slicker everyday as it thaws and refreezes.
We set another new record low last night at 4 degrees, breaking the old 10 degree record set back in 1978.
Today it is supposed to get into the upper 20's for at least a little break from the frigid temps of the last nights and days.
Hubbie went to work late again today after making sure I got safely back inside after chore time.
I had a late breakfast then started some housework.
G-son came to stay the afternoon with me while his mom went into work after lunch.
I did more housework between cooking for him and refilling his drinks along with some snacks.
I also got all my July picture prints into an album, finishing all the prints I have.  I downloaded three more months of pictures to be printed while there is a sale on printing.
I feel like I got a lot done today and had time to read and play with g-son some also.
As I stepped outside on the front porch to shake out some rugs this afternoon I noticed the heat pump had moved.
When I looked over the porch rail I could see that it was almost off the pedestal it has sat on for years and turned almost side ways.  As I wondered how in the world this happened I noticed the large amount of ice on the fan blades.  Our heat pump hardly ever comes on in winter because of the wood stove fires. So all the ice that fell plus the fact that it is under the eave of the house and the iced up gutters have been dripping directly on it had put an extra thick layer of ice on the blades, probably over an inch. Early this morning about 6am I woke up and noticed the house was pretty cool. Hubbie had just gotten up and refilled the wood stoves since the coolness also work him up. We think during this cooler time the heat pump must have came on and the ice build up cause the unit to vibrate into the position I discovered. So now we don't know if the unit or the wiring was damaged in this movement and we will have to wait until the ice melts off the blades before we can turn the pump back on to check.  At least we don't have to worry about getting cold !!
After d-in-love picked up g-son this evening hubbie and I did the chores and readied everything for another cold night. Hopefully the temperature will stay in the low 20's tonight but it is supposed to snow early in the am tomorrow.
We are under another winter storm watch for the storm named Pandora as it moves eastward.

Hopefully the temperatures warm as they are predicted to do tomorrow during the day and turn all this mess into a warm rain !!
These are a couple pictures from the local media that show how cold it has been this week. This is Looking Glass falls in Transylvania county.
And this is the French Broad river as it passes through Asheville, NC.
Whew , it is cold around here !!!
As I dusted in the sunroom today I spotted a new visitor at the suet feeder. This Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker was looking for an easy meal today that brought her out of the woods into my yard and I just happened to catch her.

This is a female since she had only the red forehead and no red on her throat.
These smaller Chickadees seemed not to have any fear of her.
Got a call from a very nice Verizon worker tonight telling me how I can save some money on my bill each month, now I have to go to the Verizon office on Monday (and take a number, grrrrr ) to check out another money saving deal.
Grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

That is scary about your heat pump. Sure hope it is okay. It is so cold around here that Lake Michigan has frozen over. This very rarely (and I mean rarely) happens. I will be so glad when the temps start to warm up. I'm getting tired of being housebound due to the cold temps. I thank God every day that my furnace is working. Blessings