Monday, February 9, 2015


Woke to a dreary but not raining yet morning today. It was a very warm overnight and is already pushing 50 degrees at 9am.
After chores and breakfast hubbie and I went work boot shopping. His work pays $100 a year for him a new pair of work boots so we headed over to the shoe Discount Barn in Asheville.
He found a really nice pair of expensive boots on sale . I only bought a pair of knee socks and  some new orthodics for my shoes. As I strolled the aisles I noticed these "bad boys" and they sent me back to my high school basketball playing days. I wore these high top Chuck Taylors and still have them stored away somewhere in a closet.
The store was emptier than I have ever seen it today. Must be the winter season everywhere !!
We stopped at the nearby Tractor Supply and I found little EL a shirt that has her feelings right now about baby BB captured perfectly. Luckily they had her size !!
We came home and had lunch then tackled our afternoon tasks. I did the weekly laundry and hubbie went outside to work on his wood pile until the rain ran him inside.
I did 3 loads of laundry and more shredding while watching it rain off and on all afternoon.
There was only a couple tenths inch in the gauge at chore time but the harder rains started after dark.
I started reading an old very interesting looking book this evening.  I heard about this book from a friend at church and fortunately found an original copy on Amazon from the friends of the library in a town in Georgia.

This book contains very few pictures but some very interesting ones.
This is a picture of the author Sadie Smathers Patton.
She was a good writer and throughout  the book these verses describing the book are written.
The first Henderson county census was interesting.
The old pictures of the buildings that once stood and some are still standing were great.
This was Henderson County's first court house, completed in 1844.
This Court House was replaced in 1904 with the one that still stands today but is now a museum of history.
Another interesting photo was this early town hall and opera house built 1885-1890.
Our present town hall which was erected in 1928 and is still in use today.
This is Main street downtown Hendersonville in about 1890.
We owe all this history to two men, one who gave the land for the town, his name was Judge Mitchell King.

And Judge Leonard Henderson, for whom the county was named.
I think I am going to enjoy this book as I have time to read all the early stories that are in it which in some way relate to the history of our county and town.
Grateful tonight for the blessings the Lord gave me today and praying for my new friend Susan's son tonight as he was admitted to the hospital this morning.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

What a cute shirt for little EL. I'm sure her feelings will change as she gets older. What a great book to read - so much history about where you live. Enjoy reading it. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Interesting history of your county/area.... We have a Henderson County in Tennessee -- and a Hendersonville, Tennessee.. However, Hendersonville is NOT in Henderson County... ha ha ....(Don't know why!)

We have had almost NO rain in February--and even though it's VERY cold here today (and yesterday), other than drizzle, we have been quite dry. We need rain --which is something we seldom have to say in February.