Wednesday, February 25, 2015


G-son was here to wait for school to begin on a 2-hour delay this morning. Mom had a doctor's appointment so I took him to school.
I did the chores and had breakfast before we left so I could go to Ingles for some groceries early before the craziness of the day before a snow storm sets in .
I met d-in-love there on her way to work and brought her groceries that needed to be in the frig home to keep until she got home.
When I first got to Ingles there were plenty of parking spots and the crowd was minimal but by the time I left there were no buggys and lots of cars,whew !!
I got home and put everything away before lunch. After lunch I worked on daughter's taxes all afternoon.
At about 5:00 the snow started pouring down, quickly adding up on the ground. I did the chores and refilled all the bird feeders. We are expecting about 8-9 inches of snow in our area.
The storm that is dropping all the snow was named Remus and he is making a mess all across the south east, dropping massive amounts of snow in places that are not used to any snowfall, such as 10 inches in Alabama.

Schools are closed and it's gonna be another fun snow play day tomorrow , I can already tell.
Tonight it is not fun at all if you are out on the roads as the snow is falling much faster than they can plow it off the roads. I-26 through our county was completely closed down for a couple hours tonight when the big rigs became stuck in the slick snow.
It looks like we already have about 5 inches at 11:00 here in our yard and it is still coming down hard out there.

Since snow photos will be filling up the next few day's post I thought I had better go ahead and post this month's undated old pictures to finish up the decade pics for February.
This is my paternal grandparents, Richard Martin and Martha Louise Pryor.
In this picture Grandfather Richard is standing on the porch of his house.
This is my Uncle Victor Pryor , dad's brother, who was a lawyer and judge in Claremore, Oklahoma.
And this was my Aunt Winnifred (Winnie) Pryor Orr , dad's sister, who died in child birth of her first daughter.
Dad always said I reminded him so much of her.
I spent the evening working on #2 son's taxes trying to figure out how to delete one of the forms from last years taxes that no longer apply. I may have to make a phone call to figure out why it keeps coming back up.
At the rate it has snowed all evening we may be in for a huge surprise in the morning.
Thankful tonight for the blessings of this day and praying for my son's and all the folks who have to get out in the snow in the morning to get to work, may God keep them safe. Prayers for  #1 son in his big yellow truck and #2 son in his little white truck !

Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Wow, you are really getting a lot of snow. Will keep you all in my prayers and especially your 2 sons. Stay safe. Love the old pictures. Blessings