Thursday, February 19, 2015


BRRRRR !!!!  This morning it is really cold, 4 degrees at 8am, I don't know if it was colder than that earlier or not but this is cold enough !!
Hubbie is going in late to work today so he helped carry water and watched to make sure I didn't fall on the solidly frozen ice still all around our yard.
I hope things get a quick drink before it refreezes today.
The road by our house is white this morning from all the salt that was put on it last night when it started snowing again.

The 4 degrees is a new low record for our area, topping the 7 degrees set back in 1958. We also set a new low record for the daytime high temp of the day, at only 14 degrees it beat the old record, but they didn't say what the old  record was.
13 degrees was the noon time temp at our house.
After hubbie left for work I did housework and was having a late lunch when daughter came by for a visit. She seems to be getting better of her sinus infection with the extended Z-pac dose her doctor gave her.
After she left I did more housework and then worked on catching up my photo downloading. I got all of 2014 downloaded into my Walgreens site ready for prints to be made.
When hubbie got home from work we did chores early to give everything a nice warm drink and supper to help them face another frigid record breaking night as the temps get to 0 or below tonight with wind.
Another storm named Pandora is poised to drop more ice or snow on us this weekend.
This is where it will be tomorrow.
Looks like the exact same scenario as the storm named Octavia that hit us Monday and Tuesday.
After we had supper I did work in another area of my photo project by getting most of July's pics in an album.
I need to get these all caught up so I will be ready to work on my next blog book of the last 6 months of 2014, then all of 2014 will be history !!
It is 8 degrees tonight as I type this at 10;30. 
Praying for anyone who is outside in this frigid night tonight, that they go to God for comfort and the warmth of His love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

That is really cold for your area. Wow!! We are still bitterly cold . It was -8 degrees this Am with wind chill of -24 degrees. Warming up to maybe 20 but snow is expected. Yesterdays high was 3 degrees. Praying that you all stay safe and warm. Blessings