Thursday, February 26, 2015

SNOW FUN !!!!!

Woke to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning. The thick heavy snow stuck to everything and was so pretty. We got about half the predicted amount at 5 1/2 inches but it was enough to play in and the roads were still pretty clear this morning.

After breakfast and chores the fun time began. Sledding, snowman building ,snowball fights and even some tree climbing all in a really fun morning.

 EL was a brave girl today and tackled the hill on her own.
 Hubbie said he was making a run so the kid's sleds would slide better !!???

Daughter taking her turn.
 Daddy and daughter ......
Even Baby BB got his first sled ride although I don't think he knew anything about it as he was snuggled to mommy"s chest fast asleep all morning.
Snowman building......

 Love Frosty with the corn cob pipe ....

 Hey if he can do it I can do it too .......

 Snowball fighting ......
 Love that determined look in his eyes .......

We came in for a delicious bowl of our home made vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
After we ate the sun came out and melted most of the snow away so the kids entertained themselves inside for the afternoon until nap time practicing their two-man band routine !!!

EL and Baby BB took long restful naps this afternoon and g-son and d-in-love went to their house for their naps, daughter had basketball practice for the state play-off game that they are going to finally get to play tomorrow afternoon in Rowan county. Hubbie went outside to take the scrape blade back off the tractor and put the wood carrier back on. Aa went to work for a while then came home and fed cattle.  I watched birds while Re and the kids rested  rested. This post is too picture laden for those bird pics so I will share them tomorrow.
We fixed oven fried chicken tonight with rice, green beans, corn and biscuits for supper for everyone. After another fun filled play day the house seems strangely quiet tonight. I love these snow day/family days here at our house. Hopefully this won't be the last snow of this season, but it does look like the last one for the long term forecast as our weather is going to warm up next week.
With only two days left in February it seems that this month has slipped away into our history as a cold wintery month here  with some record cold temps and in some northeastern towns it is the coldest February in history.
Thankfully I get ready for bed tonight with a smile on my face from a wonderfully blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I think I will come over to your house and play in the snow. That looked like so much fun. Sometimes the smallest thing , like a snowfall, can bring the greatest joy. God id goo. Blessings and have a great weekend.

Betsy Adams said...

That's a beautiful snow and one that I also love. I love the snows that cling to everything --when you can sled and make a snowman... We got about 3 inches --which is STILL with us since our temperatures are still below freezing... I'm ready for the snow/ice to leave here. Looks like next week will be warmer with some rain.... Sounds good to me. We have so much yard clean up to do after our horrible ice storm. It just devastated our area. Some people are still without power --after almost a week. SAD.