Wednesday, February 18, 2015


At least when I woke up this morning the sun was shining through the bedroom windows. Although 16 degrees is cold somehow the sunshine takes away the bite.
I didn't have to crawl through chores this morning thankful for yesterday's sunshine thawing enough for a path to be shoveled to get to the chicken houses and quail cages.
Back inside hubbie, who is taking another day off work, and I had breakfast while deciding what to do today.
I went to my office and did weekly paperwork and payed bills so we could go into town today in his truck and while the temperatures are around 30 instead of 15 like they are predicted to be tomorrow.
We went to the bank and P.O. in town. As we drove down the streets I couldn't help but think this doesn't even look like the same town with all the snow and ice piled on the road sides.

 Although this is not as much snow as there has been in our town in the past. The photo below is probably from the earlier 60's when it snowed every Wednesday for about 6 weeks. I remember being able to walk on top of the snow and we missed over a month of school. I also remember my dad digging what looked like a ditch through the snow to get to the barn. When I walked in that ditch at around 6 years old I couldn't see over the sides.

As we left the bank I noticed why the Curb Market will not open this Saturday. On the upper side where my table is it is shaded all day and this ice will take a long time to melt away.
With this problem and the forecast for more snow and ice for Saturday morning they had already called earlier today and said we were closing.
We stopped at Ingles for groceries then headed home as it began to snow . By the time we reached our place the snow had really picked up.

We unloaded and put things away then d-in-love and g-son came up to let g-son slide some more.
The back lawn had all melted off but the ice in the front yard was really slick.
He kept going over the bank and down the hill.

It was so cold I stayed inside and made pictures out the living room window today. His Pawpaw played out there with him until his fingers got numb and he finally agreed to come inside and warm up.

The ice had frozen back so solid today that he wasn't even wet.
I had already put a pork loin in the pressure cooker so I put potatoes in the oven and hubbie made some mac and cheese and when #1 son came home from his 12 hour shift with the DOT they all ate supper with us before they went home.
Hubbie and I watched the UNC / Duke basketball game tonight on TV which Duke won in OT .
We have both wood stoves going tonight and are hoping the power stays on as the winds get harder and the temperature drops below 0 for a new record low.
Schools are closed again tomorrow and they were closed Friday for a work day anyway.
It is snowing outside also as I let the dogs out for one more potty break.
And now the predictions are for another storm just like this one coming Friday night into Saturday, whew !!!
Thankful to God tonight for all the graciousness He gives all His children and for the blessings HE sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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