Sunday, February 22, 2015


I emptied almost an inch of water from the rain gauge this morning. Most of it from the rain that went on all night as the warm front pushed the cold air from our area at least for this day.
If you had come to our church for the first time today you probably would have been surprised by the attire of our pastor today.
The sermon today was about us Christians and "work" , hence the over-alls !!
It was a good service and this will be the last for a couple weeks from our senior pastor as he and 4 more members of our church are going on a mission trip to the middle east. God be with them !
Our new friend Susan came back to church this morning and brought her little son who really liked the class he went to.
Everyone made it to lunch except #2 son who was golfing with some friends at the Grove Park Inn golf course in Asheville. This is a very expensive course to golf but today they got to play for a mere $10.  Guess they figured a little money was better than no money on these cool winter days. To the golfers surprise this turned out to be a very nice 58 degree, mostly sunny afternoon.
We had chicken pot pie and salad for lunch and everyone had a nice visit after we ate. I gave the kids their late Valentine gifts.
After everyone left hubbie and I decided to turn our heat pump on as almost all the ice was meltd off the fan blades and to our relief in ran normally. Thank you Lord !
As water from a passing car blew all over my windshield on the way to church this morning I turned my wipers on without thinking and broke one of them that was partially stuck in the ice still on the van but luckily hubbie had a spare wiper for it in his shop and I'm ready to go now.
My icy paths are now very muddy paths and still very slippery.
I stayed outside for a while this evening after chores were done just enjoying the warmer weather.
Even with the drabness of winter it is nice to be outside in God's world !!

By sunset the clouds were moving in and the temperature was dropping in advance of another storm system coming through overnight.
The weather advisory area is shrinking but we are still in it.
Hubbie and I spent a relaxing Sunday evening doing what Sunday's are for, resting !!
Grateful tonight for the blessings of the friends and family tonight that God choose to put in my life.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Thanking God that your heat pump is okay. And that you were spared the terrible ice storm that hit parts of TN. We are still having the frigid temps and wind chills here. Be careful in all that slippery mud. Blessings