Thursday, May 11, 2017


Another sunny warm morning at 65 degrees as I started my day at 8am with chores. I got to market on time and found 2 customers waiting today.
Business was pretty good today with Mother's day weekend coming up I sold several whole caramel and pound cakes for celebrations events.
Clouds moved in just before noon and cooled the temperature down which was nice as it was getting hot inside market. Today's high only got to the mid 70's with the clouds.
After market I ran regular errands and made a couple stops to get fresh vegetables from road side stands. McConnell strawberries are open so I picked up our first gallon of local berries and they were pretty good. With all the rain lately the berries aren't as flavorful as in some years.
I got home and got things unloaded and put away and was just sitting down to watch the news when hubbie got in from work.
We watched the news then did chores. It is still very cloudy but no rain yet for us. However a pretty potent storm system continues to march across the country and will arrive here about noon tomorrow.
Since I have no pics for today I will continue the May decade series with the year 1967. I was in the 7th grade that year and at our school we always had a May Day program. This is the program for that year.

I have no memories of this particular event so I'm not sure I attended.
This is my report card from that year.

And on  a sad note this is the newspaper article about my best friend's house burning up in that year. Nancy Parris and I were best friends and loved to roam the woods and fields between our houses . It was very sad when her house burned and the entire community helped them out but they moved to another house farther away from mine and it was never the same adventuring without her.
These were some hard years in my life and it was during this time that I have always been grateful to God for standing beside me even though I didn't recognize His presence back then.  It is for these times that I am so grateful for His blessings and presence in my life even more so than in the times I knew He was guiding me through life's valleys.
Thankful for this blessed day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

That is a very good report card for a 7th grader. You best friend moving away is so sad. My best friend from grade school moved to a different city and I didn't see her again until I was a senior in high school and accidentally ran into her at a high school championship basketball game. Losing her was very hard for me so I know how you must have felt. God's blessings to you.