Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hubbie took today off to get a dresser / changing table painted for daughter and to mow our lawn. These task are usually reserved for Saturday but with all the rain lately and more predicted for this Saturday he needed to get this done.
While I did chores he fixed breakfast and after we ate he went to his work shop to begin the painting work.
I took a short walk to check on the newest little calf that was born sometime during the night or early morning.
The Buttercups are covering our pastures with yellow beauty right now.
I smelled the wonderful aroma of these wild Roses before I got near them.
I also got a nice surprise this year of these pretty purple lilies and have no idea how they got here.

I spent the rest of the beautiful morning inside baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel and 4 pound cakes before lunch.
Hubbie was on the lawn mower after we ate and I took a nice restful vitamin D break before cleaning the house. I was just mopping myself out the back door when hubbie came in from finishing the lawn. We both sat in the outside patio where there was a cool breeze that felt wonderful on this 83 degree day.
Pumpkin the cat is sacked out on this hot afternoon !!
 When the floor dried we went inside and grabbed a cold drink and then loaded the dresser in the truck and took it over to daughter's house and got it set up for her.
Hubbie also trimmed some tree limbs back from her garage while we were there. Daughter's feet were very swollen this evening, worse than they have ever been so we left so she could sit down and put them up.
When we got home we did chores and then had supper.
The moon was really pretty tonight as it rose through the trees. Three different settings on my big camera for three different aspects.

I did weekly paperwork and paid bills before watching Survivor on TV then spent the rest of the evening icing cakes until 11:00 before heading to bed.
Whew it is still 69 degrees as I get into bed at 11:30 tonight with the windows open and the ceiling fan running .
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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