Saturday, May 6, 2017


BRRRRR !!!!! This morning is down right cold after all the nice warm near 80 degree days of last month.
We made it to market a few minutes early and only one customer was waiting to pick up their order of 2 coconut cakes.
Market was slow early but warmed up a bit then really fell off when the rain joined the still cold low 50's temps of the day.
My market neighbor Steve came in today and we spent the slow time catching up with all that has been going on with him .
I left market and made stops at Aldi, CVS, and Grocery Outlet to get baking supplies and groceries for the week.
I made it home about 3:00 and we got unloaded in a light rain.
This afternoon was good for nothing but trying to get warm for the first time today. I have kept my jacket on all evening and finally hubbie decided the only way to really knock the chill in the house down was with a wood stove fire.

And man did it feel good. It is amazing after the heat pump has ran all afternoon and evening at the difference a fire made in just a short time. I finally took my jacket off at 9:00 tonight !!
I shouldn't complain about the cold after looking at the pics from some places in the higher elevations this evening. I dumped another 1/2 inch of cold rain from the gauge this evening.

Hopefully the temperature won't get below what is predicted for tonight around our place because we didn't cover any plants, with the whipping winds the covers wouldn't have stayed on the plants anyway.

 With nothing going on today I will continue my decade pictures for May with  these pictures of my early family in May of 1957. My mother and my oldest brother Robert and me were photo ops for my shutterbug aunt Hattie.

Love this old worn chair I am sitting in .
My love for chickens came early for me and I had several pet hens.
I loved the hundreds of baby chicks that my dad raised under the big gas brooder hoods in the background of this pic.
Love preserving all these old memories on here for the future generations.
In May of 1957 I was getting ready to turn 3 years old and Robert was 9 months old.
Thankful tonight for a blessed day. God is good all the time  !!
God Bless and Good Night.

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