Wednesday, May 31, 2017


A beautiful morning after a brief rain shower late last night seems so bright and awake as I head out to get chores done. After breakfast and devotions daughter came by after her doctor appointment.
She is 80% e-faced now but nothing else yet.
I went with her to check out a herb sale place but we didn't buy anything there. We went to an Amazon return warehouse and I found several great deals. I got a double stroller for both the baby girls , a new car seat for g-daughter R , a couple new baby gates , a cushion for my double chair in the covered patio and daughter got a bottle sterilizer. We had her Equinox packed full !

We came home just in time to have lunch together then she went home and I started baking.
I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 2 pound cakes and a pan of brownies .
I started house cleaning and changing out my decorations for the month with the last cakes were in the ovens.
June this year has a yellow theme and I love how it brightens the rooms.

About the time hubbie came in from work the sky clouded over but it looked like the rain was passing to the south of us so he got on the lawn mower.
With all the rain we have had lately it is challenging to keep the lawn mowed with the fast growing grass.
I did chores then the weekly paperwork and ended this month of May 2017 icing cakes.
As another month comes to an end I look back over this month with humble appreciation for the blessings God bestowed on the family this month. From new baby chicks to new calves to kids this month held many wonderful memories of fun with the kids and watching the amazing wonder of God's new creations as new life came about everywhere.

Even in the many blooms and the garden vegetables as we got our garden planted and started enjoying the early vegetables.
I have spent numerous hours filling out paperwork this month getting ready for  hubbie's coming retirement in July. I don't know how excited he is about retiring but I am excited to have all this paperwork finished !!!
It was a rainy month and that brought some challenges of keeping the lawn mowed and fighting the weeds in the garden. We celebrated one birthday this month as son-in-love Josh turned 37 and I had a wonderful Mother's day with all the kids present except Re who has been traveling back and forth all month to Ohio to be with her nieces on weekends.
G-son ended a successful soccer season with his team being the top team in the league and he is getting ready to finish up his 4th grade year at school.
 Daughter has had an uneventful month with her pregnancy and stopped working on the 26th of the month before final testing began. She is ready as we all are to welcome the newest little sweet girl to the family.
Daughter and I attended the Garden Jubilee festival on Memorial day weekend on the hot streets of downtown and found several good deals on plants. We also celebrated Memorial day with a cookout that all the kids made it to for the first time in many months that all 8 of them were together for a visit.
And the biggest news of all arrived on the last day of the month,today, in the judge finally handing down the verdict in the custody battle for Re's nieces that has dragged on since the trial in March and he awarded full custody to Aa and Re so she headed to Ohio to pick them up.
Wow how much their family grew overnight !!!!
As we say good bye to another month we turn our eyes toward Jesus and all the goodness He represents and the firm belief that His way will prevail , we just have to open our hearts and be receptive to His goodness. As a new month begins with much anticipated joy we are forever thankful for the blessings of  the just past month.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am so happy to hear the great news that Aa and Re got custody of Re's nieces. Praise the Lord the "battle" is over and the girls can get on with their lives in a loving and God fearing family. Let the healing begin. Blessings