Thursday, June 1, 2017


Up and out early on another beautiful morning to greet this market day. After chores I headed into town to market right on time .
Market was slow as expected on this Thursday after a holiday but a 5 cake order and a couple egg orders will make my day worth while even if walk through business is slow.
Funny thing today all my small portions of cakes were gone early as I guess folks just wanted small portion  for themselves today.
I also sold a couple whole cakes so I had a good day of sales.
Saturday is our first Spring Heritage day but I have no idea how that will go as the Fall heritage day didn't bring much extra business. These Heritage days replaced our Old Timey Days that we have always had in the past.
After market I ran regular errands made the regular Ingles, Aldi and Walmart stops and  made it home at 4:00 to unload and get things put away.
Hubbie called and said he would be a little late getting home as he was meeting #2 son to drop off Tiff's jeep that she just had the transmission rebuilt in and is still having problems with.
After he got home he finished the lawn mowing and weed eating with low clouds threatening rain that thankfully never came.

This first day of June has been nice with highs in the upper 70's and partly cloudy but no rain. The first week of June looks pretty up and down.
Tonight has been a quiet evening for us as we took advantage of the cooler temps and relaxed. I got an unexpected call tonight from the Direct TV folks. I had escalated my complaint after I was promised all the things to get me to resign a contract and then didn't get anything I was promised. They heard the phone call and she called to apologize and she lifted my contract and she agreed just to cancel my Direct TV service in 30 days with no contract violations.  At least they followed up on what they said they would do about listening to all the lies I was told. And now we will be back where we were with our antenna smart TV  where we were before all this started.
Filled out another retirement paper tonight to send back with hubbie tomorrow , hopefully we are getting close to the end of all the paperwork.
Checked with Re tonight and she has all 4 kids and all are doing good.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and looking forward to what God has in store in this new month.
God Bless and Good Night

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