Sunday, June 25, 2017


Sunday morning laziness is not happening today. I got up at the regular time to get a large turkey breast in the pressure cooker and then get out to do the chores.
I had breakfast then fried a pound of bacon for our wilted lettuce at lunch. I also sliced the onions I gathered last night so now all I have to do when we get home from church is gather the fresh lettuce from the garden.
We had a guest speaker today at church in the absence of our pastor who is on mission trip to Ohio with other members of our church. Here is Pastor Craig sitting on a rooftop.
We came home to lunch with #1 son's family, daughter's family and Aa. We had turkey breast, stuffing,boiled potatoes,corn on the cob, green beans,red beans and rice,and the wilted lettuce.
After we ate and visited for a while #1 son and hubbie went to cut some trim for #1 son's house, Josh went to work to get things ready for tomorrow , Aa went to the hay field, daughter and d-in-love put the g-daughters to sleep and we had a nice visit while they both slept. G-son sure loves his new cousin.
#2 son and Tif made a short trip to the lake to make sure his new truck would pull the boat and do what he wanted it to as the place he bought it from has a 5 day satisfaction guarantee.
It was a cloudy day but there was no crowds on the lake today.

The truck did fine so they were happy even if a rain shower cut their trip short about mid afternoon.
After the girls all left hubbie and I went over to Aa's to change the cast on the mama goats leg and her leg looks like it is healing as she did start putting a little weight on it and it isn't floppy obviously broken now. The old cast was damp under all the duct tape but there wasn't any signs of infection.
We also turned the one little chick out in the lot with her mama hen while we were there.
We came home to get chores done and then had a visit from nephew Mark about the coyotes that are traveling between our houses. He is putting his game camera up over at his house. My camera hasn't caught anything messing around the chicken cages anymore this week. It usually makes a couple pictures after daylight each day ,we think probably of birds flying through.
I will keep setting it up in this one place for about a week then I'll move it to a new location.
Thankful to God for a wonderful family filled Sunday and all the blessings that He sent my way today.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Nothing better than family. Blessings