Sunday, June 4, 2017


Slept in a little this morning as I still felt like I was sleep deprived. After getting up and getting chores done and cleaning off the dining room table for lunch I only had time to grab a breakfast bar and a cup of coffee on the go.
Hubbie and I had nursery duty today and we only had 3 little girls to take care of today. G-daughter was one of them in the flowered top at the window.
It is hard to believe these two have birthdays only 3 days apart.
Today was a big day in our church life as this was graduation Sunday and 7 graduates from our congregation were honored today, 4 high school grads and 3 college. Congratulations to all !!

Then today also the choice for associate pastor was presented to the congregation for a vote in a couple weeks .
After church we came home for a lunch of spaghetti with #1 son's family, daughter and Aa who was trying to outrun the rain and get some hay rolled in a field just up the road. Thankfully he got it rolled and got here for lunch before the heavy rains started.
Everyone had a nice visit.
Hubbie and I went over to Aa's to help him partition off a setting hen that is scheduled to hatch chicks this week. We didn't want the baby chicks to fall out the door of this roosting house so this will temporarily work until the hatch is complete and they get about a week old.
We also gave the mama goat with the broken leg a second penicillin shot. She looks like she is doing okay .
Back home we worked in the garden trellising some cucumbers that were supposed to be "bush" cucumbers.  This is the first summer garden vegetables we have gotten this season. I'm happy to start getting fresh vegetables .
This is a pano pic of our June garden.
Looks like we are going to have another soggy few days to give things a good drink after several dry days. The shower today left only 1/10th inch in the gauge.
Thankful for all the blessings of this Sunday and the love of an awesome Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Oh those fresh cucumbers look so good. Our Farmer's Markets have opened for the season; but a lot of the produce isn't local as yet-too early for Wisconsin. But come July I'll be buying local fresh veggies. Yay!!! Blessings