Thursday, June 15, 2017


Up early to get things done and get ready for market. I made it to market on time and sales were pretty good all morning.
Daughter came and brought her baked goods in and helped me the rest of the day. Hubbie came by and brought us all lunch from Hot Dog World.
With Father's Day coming this weekend plus an antique fair on Main street it should be a busy Saturday.
Maybe we will have some excitement coupled in to a busy weekend as g-daughter I gets ready to make her appearance hopefully soon.
We sold steadily today and then she left to go get her dad's birthday Lowe's gift card and went to Ingles and Walmart to pick up baking supplies and groceries. The clouds looked really bad as I left town.
There was a bad storm in town on Tuesday and at the market we had no phone or internet and the branch of my bank that I always go to across the street from market didn't have any internet and were having to do all business on paper. There was a long line of waiting customers since they were only letting three customers in the bank at a time so I went to the banks branch on Upward road on my way out of town.
As I headed out of town the clouds seemed to be lifting.
A sprinkle of rain as I went into Walmart was all the rain I ran into today. As I got closer to my house the clouds really lightened up and we got only a short sprinkle here.
I unloaded and got things put away before hubbie got here from work. We watched the news and then did chores . We cut the long spurs off the rooster that I got from Aa's house last night in case he decides to make a run for another kid over here. At least he can't cut them. We use an electric dremel tool to saw the spurs as it carterizes as it goes and there is no blood and the roosters don't act like they feel a thing.
I will turn him out tomorrow to see what he does.
Happy 62nd birthday to Hubbie today !!!
Praying for #1 son tonight as tomorrow morning he is going to have 9 teeth pulled and a denture made and put right in.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and asking God's hand be on son as he goes to the dentist at 8am
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I will say a prayer for #1 son. This sure look like some wicked clouds. we are due for some rain today and tomorrow. We need some rain right about now as we haven't had any in over two weeks and things are getting dry. Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to your hubby. Blessings