Monday, June 5, 2017


The sun is trying it's best to break through the overnight clouds that left 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge. After chores and breakfast hubbie, g-daughter R and I headed over to pick up daughter for a fun day.
Our first stop was at Carl Sandburgs to see the goats and do some hiking.
G-daughter R loved the goats , all of them big or little , she had to give them all hugs,pats on the head and talk to them.

They are repairing the barn where the goats are usually kept and this make shift tent shelter is the new barn.
We saw a huge turtle in one of the goat ponds.
G-daughter R  is a beautiful little girl.

We hiked part way up the mountain until we all wore out and then we headed back down the trail.

All that walking sure makes a girl thirsty!!!
She walked all the way back out of the farm with those short little legs just pumping !!

 We stopped on the bridge to feed the fish the remaining crumbs of her gold fish crackers she had taken to snack on.

We left there just after noon as clouds started building again and just as we got on the highway the rain drops started. We stopped at Mcdonalds for a quick lunch and discovered g-daughter R loved cheeseburgers and was really hungry after her active morning.
We decided to go on down the mountain to get some fresh fruit and the last strawberries of the season. Strawberry Hill  is only about a 40 minute drive and we made it down with no trouble and the weather was beautiful.
We stocked up on fresh produce.
Then went across the road to their ice cream parlor and had some of their homemade peach ice cream which  g-daughter R thought was pretty good.

We had a wonderful time today and g-daughter R was so excited she babbled to daughter all the way home.
The weather turned bad as we came up the mountain and we ran through a really bad rain storm then thankfully just as we got to our exit the interstate traffic came to a stand still because of an accident .
We took daughter home then had to take another detour around another accident to get home once again in a pouring rainstorm. Thankfully the heaviest rain didn't reach out house and we only got another 1/2 inch from the afternoon rains.
G-daughter R went to sleep between daughter's house and ours and hubbie carried her car seat in and she slept about an hour until d-in-love picked her up around 5:00.
I told hubbie it was a great day with both our grand daughters today only one just didn't know it yet !!
G-daughter I is due this coming Saturday or before would make her mommy happy !
Hubbie and I had to make a trip back into town for some cat wormer and some almond flavoring so we did that and then stopped by Aa's to give the goat her 3rd penicillin shot on the way home.
We came home and did chores in a light rain. We are both tired tonight from the days activities but we are filled with happiness for the fun and time with daughter and g-daughters R and I.
Thankful for the blessing of traveling mercies as we drove around today and for the wonderful gifts of children and grandchildren.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Sounds like a perfect fun day to me. Glad you were able to share it with "both" g-daughters. Blessings