Monday, June 19, 2017


Up early to meet g-daughter and g-son this morning to get this week started.
G-son had basketball camp that started this morning at 8:30 so hubbie took him while I got breakfast for g-daughter R and I.
When he got back I did chores and had a very good helper that had to tell all the animals good morning !!

When we back inside I got the weekly laundry started while hubbie played with g-daughter R.

When the sun warmed the morning up enough we put water in her little pool and to her delight we let her play in it as long as she wanted.

At lunch time she finally agreed to come inside and eat. Daughter came over to spend the afternoon with us and picked g-son up from camp on the way. He was really happy about camp and enjoyed it very much.
I did laundry while daughter put g-daughter R down for a nap. She slept in the new bed for over an hour and then another hour in my lap. I am going to have to let her have more water play mornings!!!
Hubbie went down to #1 son's house and painted this afternoon.
He ran out of paint and came in to have some watermelon which he had to share with , guess who ??

After d-in-love picked both the kids up around 5:30 hubbie and I relaxed and watched the news. The "B" storm was named today as the Atlantic hurricane season kicks into gear.
Bret is meandering around with no projected path yet.

We did chores then got ready to head over to the hospital to take Josh and daughter some food.
She went in at 8:00 tonight for what she thought was an in and out procedure but they kept her so she hadn't eaten anything.
They gave her some medicine to soften her cervix and had to keep a monitor on the baby after they put the medicine in.
We got over there at about 9:00 and left at 11:00 with them getting ready to try and sleep some.
The induction is scheduled for 5:30 in the morning.
Hubbie and I came home and went to bed. I am writing this post a day late.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for daughter , Josh and g-daughter I as they begin this journey together shortly.
God Bless and Good Night.

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