Thursday, June 29, 2017

KEYS !!!

As I get started this morning and think about this being the last market day of June this year I am saddened by how fast time is passing.
Market started off slow but I did have a pretty good day with a couple orders picked up and some folks getting desserts for this weekends holiday meals.
Daughter and g-daughter I kept me company most of the day and gave everyone a chance to meet the latest Curb market member.
D-in-love came by and brought g-son and g-daughter R for a visit. G-son loves holding little I and tried to hold his sister the same way but she was not having it !!!

D-in-love left to get g-daughter R to her swimming lesson at the YMCA.
 She is really enjoying these lessons. And the after lessons treat !!!
Daughter and g-daughter I left market to meet some friends .
I had a good day of sales today thankfully after a slow start.
And here I am spending quite a bit of time in the Ingles parking lot waiting for hubbie to come with his keys to unlock the Honda !!!  I bought a large watermelon which took both my hands to get out of the cart into the back of the Honda, which forced me to lay my keys down and after I closed the lift gate and tried to load the rest of the groceries in the side door I realized my keys were still laying in the back behind the locked lift gate !!!!
I was under the impression that these new "smart" key fobs wouldn't allow this to happen, but guess, what I was wrong.
At least its a beautiful afternoon and I was parked in the shade so it wasn't too bad of a wait until he got there.
The thing I did notice was the fact that no one even paid me any attention as I leaned on my vehicle for almost an hour and there was a man in a car parked right behind me that saw the entire thing and he just pulled away. 
After hubbie got there and unlocked the Honda I made a stop at Sav Mor for "on sale" eggs and headed home.
I got here about 4:15 and hubbie came in from work right behind me. We got things unloaded and put away.
Daughter and d-in-love had pedicure appointments this evening so g-son and g-daughter R spent some time with hubbie and I while they were gone.
 "Ain't technology grand " ???
While they watched computer screens hubbie and I watched the evening news on the TV.
We took turns getting the chores done then played outside with the kids. G-daughter loved swinging and almost went to sleep in the swing.
After they all left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
It has been another cooler than average day and rain began falling just as I came inside after shutting the chickens all up at dark.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Don't you just love technology! Why can't they make a device that won't allow you to be locked out of your car if your keys are inside it. Let's hear a cheer for Hubby who came to your rescue. Blessings Have a great weekend.