Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Up early to text message pings on my phone as Josh was keeping me posted on daughter's progress into labor. Turns out the induction didn't happen as she went into labor on her own about 1am today and was progressing along this morning so well they didn't have to give her the pitocin.
I hurried through chores and headed to the hosptial.
She had had her epidural just before I arrived at 9:15 so she was not in the intense contraction pain that she had had all morning.
She progressed quickly throughout the morning and reach 8 centimeters by 11:00. At noon the nurse came in to position her for pushing and the doctor was called.
Josh's mom Connie and I left the room so that Josh and daughter could experience the birth of their fist child together alone.
We sat out in the waiting room and visited. Josh kept us updated but the morning progress screeched to a halt and the baby got stuck .
Daughter had to push for almost 2 hours to get her out and she finally was born at 3:10 in the afternoon. She was a big baby weighing 8 lbs and 22 inches long.
G-daughter I getting her first look at her tired mom.
 Bonding moment.......
Josh was a proud happy daddy....

I love new grand babies they always melt my heart.
One by one members of both families came by to love on this new member of the family.
Of course Pawpaw is another proud grandparent.
Uncle G (#1 son).......
Aunt A (d-in-love)......
Uncle D (#2 son)......
Aunt Tif (soon to be d-in-love #2).......

And even g-daughter R came by to see the new addition but was very confused about why her cousin wasn't still in aunt T's belly.
But with some chocolate candy in hand and her cousin A she was okay with this baby stuff.....

Everyone had a very nice visit and then we all headed home to let the three of them get some sleep .
I got home with just enough daylight to take care of the chickens.
This hurricane season is off to a roaring start as the "C" storm, Cindy, was named today in the gulf and is going to bring lots of rain to many places in its path.

I am tired tonight and feel like I need a good night's sleep after a long stressful day.
I am so so prayerfully thankful to God that everything worked out like it did today and daughter and baby are fine and healthy. The blessing of a new life is one of God's most miraculous gifts and I humbly give thanks for this little addition He put in our lives.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am so happy to hear that your new granddaughter is here and that mom and baby are both fine. Congratulations to the new parents. Praise God for this new life. Blessings