Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Both grands were here early today to get the day started. I fixed breakfast then we headed out to town to drop g-daughter R off at her play school. She really seems to love being there and I am so glad they are open all summer for her .
G-son and I came home and I did chores , had breakfast and devotions and then he went on my walk with me. We used to do this alot when he was younger and today was a reminder for me that he is not a little boy anymore as the things that used to interest him such as looking under and in things for lizards and frogs are a thing of the past now and we walked and conversed like two adults, ( a sad face goes here).
We discussed why we planted a garden each year when it was so much easier to just go to the store and buy vegetables ????   I worry about this younger generation and their "whatever is easier" attitude.
We talked about the difference in the blooms of each vegetable and he was very puzzled about why red potato blooms......

were a different color than white potatoes. And since white potato blooms were actually white , why weren't red potato blooms red ??????

 The green beans and tomatoes were also blooming .

We came inside and I started my third load of weekly laundry that I didn't have time for yesterday  and he went back to his I-pod.
I finished the laundry and then went to pick up g-daughter R. She had a great day and was so proud of these hand prints she made for her dad. She kept putting her hands back in these prints.

She slept while g-son and I ate lunch . We saved her a couple pieces of pizza and she loved it when she woke up.
She also loves cookie monster !!!!!
We had to play inside for most of the afternoon as the storms were passing all around us with thunder and lightening getting pretty close but we only got a late sprinkle of rain before they all moved south and east of our area leaving us a colorful sky.
D-in-love picked up g-daughter R to go to Lowes with her to pick out more paint colors for the upstairs in their house but g-son stayed with me while they shopped and he walked home when they got back.
Hubbie came in from work and played a quick game of volleyball with him before hubbie had an early supper and got to a nominating committee meeting at church.
I did all the chores tonight and when he got home from the meeting we finished treating all the other large hens and the silkies  for mites.
We worked in the dark with lights and got finished about 9:45 tonight.
He came inside and went straight to bed and that is where I'm heading as soon as I finish writing this blog post.
Thankful for a blessed day and praying for daughter and Josh as they await the arrival of g-daughter I any day now as she was due on the 10th and we are all getting so anxious to meet her.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a wonderful walk you had with g-son. Sounds like he is getting to be quite the young man. Blessings