Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Up and out this morning to get chores done on this beautiful cool morning. With a breeze, some passing clouds and low 60's temps it is feeling more like early spring than late spring today.
After breakfast I took a nice walk and checked on all our produce around the property. The Blackberries are going to be abundant barring a hail storm.
These old grape vines continue to produce bumper crops year after year.
Even the Muscadines look like we will have a good crop this season.
The Kiefer Pear tree has a few pears .....
But the Bartlett is loaded because they bloomed later and missed the freezing temps earlier this spring.
Blueberries also escaped the freeze thanks to a blanket covering on a couple cold nights.
The apples are sparse and damage from the cold is evident on the few that are still hanging on the trees .
And the few peaches  that are on our peach trees are already rotting so as we expected  no peaches this season.
This Oak leaf Hydrangia is in full bloom right now  .

The Queen Annes Lace is blooming all through the pastures right now. I love this "country life" photo !!
I have heard pinging sounds for the last day anda half and the tomato field across the creek is now a sea of tomato stakes. It always amazes me as to how fast this task gets done and it is done by hand by a crew of Hispanic men and women.

I came back inside and had a hot cup of green tea with my devotions to get the day off to a good start.
I baked cakes,  6 caramel, 2 chocolate , 2 pound, 1 blackberry wine and a pan of brownies.
Daughter came by after having lunch with g-son and we spent some time looking for a vacation beach house for later this year.
Hubbie came in from work and they left going over to daughter's house to spray weed killer on the bank in front of her house and trim a large tree  that is shading her garden.
While they were gone I cleaned the house and was just sitting down after mopping all the floors to watch the news when #2 son came by.
He was looking for his dad to plan their day tomorrow as he is off this week and needs to bush hog a lot of land he is going to sell. Plus he and Tif are buying a boat and he needs hubbie's truck to pull it home tomorrow afternoon.
When hubbie came in I did chores and then headed to my office to get the weekly paperwork and bill paying done.
I realized that I hadn't done May's month ending paperwork yet so since the first of the month is always pretty "bill" free I did that also tonight throwing me late getting my icing started but it is done. This year's May was actually pretty good at least better than the last couple years.
I started icing at almost 10:00 so this was a late night and it was after midnight when I got into bed dog tired and ready for a good nights sleep. However since I am  writing this on Thursday morning on a very slow Curb market day I can tell you I evidently was too tired to go right to sleep last night and layed awake until 2:30 before sleep came !!
  I am very thankful for the blessing sent my way on this day and for the love of my precious Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.                                             

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