Thursday, June 22, 2017


The outer bands of tropical storm Cindy are upon us this morning as I head out to do the chores.
The cone of the storm track has shifted a bit toward our area so I'm sure that means more rain but they are still saying not over 2" for our area so that won't be so bad.

Thankfully the storm named Bret fizzled out a couple days ago and won't deliver another punch.
I couldn't find the new Buff Orpington rooster this morning and there were some feathers in his roosting place. I am going to buy a game camera today to see if I can see what got him because that is coming really close to the rest of my chickens if it was a coyote.
Market is slow today as expected on a rainy day. It is breezy and cool but the rain so far has been light.
Talked to daughter and they are waiting on paperwork to be finished so they can go home. Both doctors had already been in and released them. Little g-daughter I thinks this packing up to go home is boring ad she'd really rather just sleep  !!!!

But she is not sure at all that she likes this carseat thing !!!

They made it home about 1:30 and were glad to get settled in.
I ran the regular errands after market and then went to Ingles where 2 strange things happened to me.
(1) as I got ready to self check out I noticed there was a bag of groceries left on the bagging tray and gave it to the checkout girl.
(2) I got my groceries loaded in my Honda and took the shopping cart to the nearest cart holder and there ran into the outside of the holder was an entire shopping cart filled with groceries. I looked around for the owner of the groceries but there were no cars close and no one . As I stood in the light rain wondering why anyone would leave their groceries like this I decided to at least push the cart back inside the store out of the rain in case the owner came back after it.
The same girl was standing at the office when I pushed it up and told them where I had found it. They said this is a new one that had never happened before.
I went back and got in the Honda and left and drove really slowly by the spot where I found the cart and still no sign of anyone around.
I made another stop at Walmart and then made it home at 4:15 to unload and get things put away still in a light rain.
There was 3/10ths inch in the gauge this evening from an all day light rain.
I bought one of these game cameras at Walmart so I can be sure what predator I have stalking my chickens.
#1 son helped me set the camera up and we tracked the  rooster feathers down a well worn trail through the woods toward the road . I hope it isn't an entire pack of coyotes coming around.
I did chores then came inside to catch up on my e-mails . I haven't checked it since Tuesday and customers are beginning to call and ask if I got their cake order e-mails
I got this "Moon Flower" plant at the flea market last year and it has come back this year and multiplied and this bloom smells so good tonight.
This plants blooms aren't as large as the Moon Flower vines I have had in the past but this one does smell really good although not as strong as the vine blooms.
Time to get some more decade pics on here and in June of 1987 we spent time on the lake as usual.

The boys loved to ride the tube behind the boat while we drove slowly around and back then there wasn't so much boat traffic that we had to worry about someone running over them if they fell off the tube.

That year we also spent alot of time with hubbie's grandmother and I found these pics of her house that I made just for my memory bank. Her house up on Sugarloaf Mountain will always contain wonderful memories for me.
At this time one of her daughters, Lucille , put this single wide trailer in the yard so she could take care of granny.
I remember spending many evening sitting on these steps and talking to granny as she rocked on the porch..
The living room with the oil heater that was her only heat source.

Her bedroom where the boys when they were little would play and the window they broke out on the coldest day of one of the winters.
The kitchen where she prepared many many Sunday after church dinners for all the family.

The mountainous pasture that surrounded the house and barn where we kept cattle for many years.
Precious memories from days gone by that were indeed blessed by the hand of the Lord.
I thank Him each and everyday for my life and the people He put in it.
God Bless and Good Night.


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linda m said...

Sure hope you "catch" the critter that is attacking your chickens and that it isn't coyotes. My daughter-in-law , who lives in Athens GA, had a pack of wild dogs that totally destroyed her chickens and goats. Sugarloaf Mountain looks like a lovely place to live. Happy g-daughter I and daughter are home. Have a Blessed weekend.