Monday, June 12, 2017


Up early to meet both grand kids this morning. I got both of them breakfast them got dressed and got the chores done before I had my breakfast.
Daughter came over about 9:30 and we headed out for a very fun day. Our first stop was back to Carl Sandburgs to pet the goats and hike the trails there. We met Ben, Josh's brother there with his daughter A.
These three quickly became the "three amigos".
Sweet cousins ...... G-son loves taking selfies and took more pictures of other things today than I did !!!
G-daughter R loved the goats for a second Monday in a row.

G-son found Cinnamon the goat he fell in love with when she was a bottle baby a couple years ago.
He was very attentive to his very active sister.
As she kept us all busy with all her curiosity .

We got to see a bit of the Vagabond Players rehearsing for their play in the outside ampitheater at the park.
It started to sprinkle rain drops so we headed for the cars after a goat milk fudge buying stop in the main house.
We left there and Ben and A went home and we went to McDonalds and got lunch then had a picnic at a nearby park.

This is the "Beanstalk" park and is very nice.

G-daughter R loved all the different things to do here.

 She quickly made some friends.....
G-son loved this park also and there was a lot more things to do for kids his size.

Daughter went with them to play on the netting .
When more rain drops started falling on us we left here and headed home. The kids and both daughter and I were pooped after an active day.
G-daughter R and g-daughter I took a nice rest when we got home even though g-daughter I is still in daughter's stomach.
I had a little helper feeding the chickens their corn this evening.
After d-in-love picked up the kids hubbie and I finished chores and then gave the big hen lot a mite treatment. Warm weather always brings pest problems for all the animals and we try to prevent a massive infestation by treating early.
Wow , what an active day but what a wonderful fun day.
As I get into bed tonight I say thankful prayers for these kids that make life so special and fun right now. I am grateful to God for His gracious blessings each day .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am sure you slept very well last night after all that activity. It wore me out just reading about it. Blessings