Thursday, June 8, 2017


Up a little early this morning after a short night of sleep but with hubbie off today and the extra activity this morning I woke well before the alarm and couldn't go back to sleep.
#2 son came over and he and hubbie went to hook up a trailer to haul the hand held bush hog they were renting on.
They left while I was feeding my chickens and getting the chores done. I finished getting ready and made it to market on time but there was no one here to notice except a couple sellers.
Daughter came in and brought her baked goods and we both worked on projects on our computers to pass a slow Thursday morning.
The customer I had made the little white bonnet for last week picked up the finished embroidered name on it today and it was really cute.

Thankfully the camp that I do a lot of business with came by and bought 4 caramel cakes and a coffee cake that gave me a decent sales total for this Thursday.
The doctor's office called and rescheduled daughter's appointment to later in the afternoon because the doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby so Josh couldn't go so I left market early and went with her.
I can also do my shopping at the Aldi that is near her doc's office since the one here I usually go to is closing for renovations and hardly has anything left on its shelves. Plus there is a Walmart right there also.
I walked across the street to the bank while she watched our table and then she went to the Co-op to get some things before we loaded up early to head to Asheville to her doc's office.
Talked to hubbie they got son's lot cleared with no mishaps and saw no snakes so that is a plus. And were now at Harpers Marine to pick up the new boat #2 son and Tif were buying.
Daughter and I waited for about 20 minutes for her to get called back and the doctor said she was still making progress as the baby is lower this week and she is 100% thinned out but the cervix was still closed so looks like like g-daughter I is going to take her time getting here.
We left the office and went across the street to a Starbucks where I had a delicious Smores frapacino.
We stopped by the Aldi and I tried to get about 2 weeks of supplies so I wouldn't have to make a weekly trip all the way over here.
Just as we got to daughter's car it started raining. It was a cold rain and we both got wet loading her groceries and things from my car to hers. I shivered all the way home.
It was raining hard when I got here and I took out my cold item bag and left the other stuff in the car until the rain passes.
I got out of my wet shirt and got warmed up with a hot green tea while we watched the news and waited for the rain to stop.
About 6:30 the rain stopped and we got the Honda unloaded and got things put away.
We did chores and then came inside as the rain started once again only lighter this time. I emptied 3/10ths inch from the gauge on the way inside and it is still raining lightly as darkness fell.
This is pics of #2 son and Tif's new boat. Can't wait to go to the lake with them for a fun day on the water.

We always had boats when our kids were growing up and they love to water ski and swim and Tif's dad always had a boat while she grew up so it is natural that son and Tif would want a boat to begin their life together.
Today is Tif's birthday and as she gets another year older I wish her all the happiness in the world and am so pleased she is about to join our family.
As this school year comes to an end g-son celebrated with field day at his elementary school this morning as he excitedly finishes up his 4th grade year. He is on the left in the black shirt.

Hubbie and I are both tired tonight from our activities of the day and are headed to an early bedtime.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying that granddaughter I makes her appearance soon.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I love the new boat. Hope you all have a lot of fun with it. I hate it when It starts raining and I have to load groceries in my car during the rain. Last thing I need is to get soaked and catch a cold. I'll bet you slept well last night. Have a great weekend and Blessings