Saturday, June 3, 2017


7am alarm today to get to market a bit earlier. Got a call from Aa and the goat was fine with her leg splint but he lost one of his dogs overnight. so sad as Casey was a really good dog with the kids but she was an older dog. R.I.P. in that big doggy Heaven Casey girl.
We made it to market about an hour earlier than usual and the parking lot was getting pretty full already. We contracted a business from the Green River community to provide the food this year. They served biscuits for breakfast and BBQ for lunch.
The Old Time Pickers that usually play for our special days was the entertainment for the day.
My cousin Don Cox in the lighter yellow shirt, was playing in this band.
My other cousin Sam usually plays too but is having trouble with his hands and can't pick a banjo right now. They sounded good and lots of folks just came to hear them play and enjoy the fellowship with friends.
Market inside was not that busy today but I had a good day and am very thankful. Daughter came out and helped me most of the morning before heading home to do some yard work.
#1 son and the kids also came by for a while killing time while waiting for d-in-love who was at Urgent Care getting 4 stitches in her finger. She cut it on a broken dish in the sink this morning.
Ouch !!

Okay ,  the goat ,  the dog and now   the finger ,  that's three so maybe we are done with misfortune for a while !!!
I had fun today catching up with extended family and friends that I don't get to see very much. And I was glad I did decide to wear a heritage day outfit today. Yesterday I couldn't decide if I wanted to dress up today or not so I fixed a regular outfit and a dress-up one so this morning I felt like a dress-up !!
 Haha , I've had my picture taken several times which always surprises me !!!
But I seriously get some inquiring looks when I leave market and make my supplies stops on the way home ,haha.
I only had to stop at Aldi today so that wasn't too bad.
I made it home at 3:15 and hubbie was in the bottom pasture bush hogging so I unloaded and got things put away before having a snack and relaxing for a few minutes until the bush hogging was finished.
The sky started darkening and it looked like rain any minute with distant thunder. When hubbie came in we decided to finish planting our garden. We have been waiting for the soil to get really warm before we planted Okra and we also planted some late green beans and hubbie is thinking about starting to grow cut flowers to sell at market and her planted 2 rows of Zinnias from seed a friend gave me.
The storm passed to the south of our area and then the sky cleared before sunset.
We came inside and had supper and watched the news then went over to Aa's house and gave the goat a shot of Penicillin to prevent infection in her broken leg. She was still doing fine with the splint on her leg.
We came home and got the chores done and then we both crashed as we are tired tonight from the heat of the day more than anything else and I didn't sleep well at all last night so I am looking forward to an early bedtime tonight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the freedom to worship as I please.
God Bless and Good Night

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