Monday, June 26, 2017


Off to a good start on this Monday morning with g-daughter R and g-son's arrival. While hubbie fixed them breakfast I did chores and then picked my peas and fed the vines to the chickens which made them very happy. This is the first crop from the garden and after putting some in the frig to use in salads I had three freezer bags full for later.

Bless my little "pea picking heart" as my dad would say !!!
We all got in the Honda  and went over to daughter's to take her a little bassinet that she had stored here thinking she wouldn't need it. Hoping to get g-daughter I to sleep beside the bed in it so she can stop sleeping in the recliner. She has tried a couple other things to get her to sleep in but she cries.
We left there and went by Southern States to pick up chicken feed on our way home.
We got home just in time for a lunch of left overs from yesterday.
G-daughter R and g-son played outside in the nice cooler mid 70's afternoon after lunch.

Love the color of the sky in this pic.

She got tired and came inside to rest in her bean bag !!!

Because of the plumbing problems at their house we gave g-daughter R a nice warm bath here and it helped her relax to take a nice nap .
While hubbie got her down for her nap I did weekly laundry.
D-in-love picked them up about 5:30 and then hubbie went down to help #1 son unclog the commode that g-daughter R had thrown a hair clasp into.
I did chores and then picked green beans for my second crop harvest of the day. These are the bush beans for dilly beans.
I love this time of year when meals consist from fresh garden vegetables. I cooked some fresh beets for my supper tonight to go with a piece of left over stuffing and it was a great supper !!!!
G-daughter R was enjoying her supper of spaghetti tonight while hubbie and son worked on the plumbing problem at her house.
Daughter used her new carrier wrap tonight as she took a nice walk to enjoy the cool evening.
It looks like rain may be headed out way over night with these mean looking clouds.
Word from our church mission trip is good . This is our Pastor Craig doing what he does best on these trips.
This evening I rested up for another busy day tomorrow.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for God's guidance in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Your fresh garden vegetables sure do look good. I am so happy for you that your garden is producing. I love seeing the children outside playing in the sunshine. Blessings