Saturday, June 17, 2017


Early alarms on Saturday mornings always make me a little envious of all the folks who have Saturdays off but then I think about all the weekdays I have that other folks have to work on and I can take my time getting up and the envy goes away !
We got ready for market and made it actually a few minutes early today . Sales were much slower than I expected on this Saturday before Father's Day but you never know what this place will be like on any day. I was wrong about the antique fair on Main street thinking it was today when it is next Saturday.
I am thankful for what I did sell and for the many friendly folks that came by to chat.
Checked in on #1 son and he seems to be some better today with the bleeding stopped at least until he has to remove the denture later today to rinse his mouth.
D-in-love was meeting daughter and Josh at the pool and hubbie was going to #1 sons house to paint in the upstairs so he would be there with him if he needs any thing before she gets back.
G-daughter enjoyed her first pool play day and g-son looks like he had a wonderful time !!!

 I left market and made stops at Sav Mor , Go grocery and Sams Club to get baking supplies and groceries for next week. I am missing Aldi already.
I stopped by #1 son's house and he looks fine and is pleased with the temporary denture they gave him. He is eating blended food and will have to for about a week to let his gums heal. The right side of his face is swollen pretty badly for some reason but he is on antibiotics so hopefully any infection will be taken care of. He said there was a small absess on one of the teeth on that side.
Hubbie ran out of paint for the day and came home with me to help unload and put things away.
We are getting another short rain shower but there is no measurable rainfall in the gauge once a gain today. However we do have some dark threatening clouds hanging around.
I didn't want to take a nap if I sat down because I am tired so I went outside when the rain stopped and walked around.
This Mountain Laurel that I dug up out of the woods and planted in this planter always amazes me with all it's pretty blooms each year.

I love this time of year with the air filled with the sweet aroma of all my Mimosa trees and all their feathery blooms.
After hubbie got up from his nap we worked in the garden getting the panels up for another row of late Greasy Beans and our late cucumber plants.

We did chores and headed inside for a restful Saturday evening.
Also this evening congrats to one of my nephew's as he and his wife welcomed their first baby early this morning in a C-section delivery almost a month early but he is healthy and mom is doing fine.

Thankful for a blessed day today and for the love of a wonderful Savior.
God Bless and Good Night.

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