Friday, June 16, 2017


Up and at it early this morning as hubbie has today off since he worked Monday. He was already changing the oil in his truck when I went up to do chores at the barn.
I came back inside and had breakfast and talked to daughter who came by after her doctor appointment. Sadly the baby hasn't changed any and they scheduled an induction for Tuesday morning if she doesn't go in labor before. That will make the baby 10 days late.
We are praying she decides to come on out and meet us before Tuesday !!
I baked cakes 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 2 pound, 1 blackberry wine, 2 pans of brownies and a 3 dozen batch of snickerdoodle cookies for an order .
Daughter took g-son and went swimming down at #2 son's pool where he still owns a lot in the development where the pool and clubhouse is located. 

#2 son has owned this lot for several years as evidenced by g-son's "cannonball dives" !!!
2 years ago and today ....
Hubbie went with #1 son this afternoon to Affordable dentures in Asheville to have 9 decaying upper teeth pulled and a plate put in.
They left at 1:00 and son had a very bad bleeding episode and they couldn't get the blood stopped so they kept him until they closed at 5:30  then told him if he couldn't get the bleeding stopped by going home and resting to go to the emergency room.
Daughter came back from swimming and took a nap on my couch while I searched for vacation homes online.
Thunder could be heard getting pretty close all afternoon but all we got was another short shower of rain ,just enough to really steam things up when the sun peeked back out through multi-colored clouds.

After daughter left I did chores . I have been checking on this guy all day to see what he would do turned loose in the yard and he seems to be infactuated with this rooster and hen in this cage. He stayed very close to them all day then found a perfectly dry and hidden place to roost in to spend the night.

Hubbie made it home around 7:30 after dealing with very heavy traffic leaving Asheville and dropping off son's prescriptions at the drug store on the way.
We finished chores and then I iced cakes and got ready for market while he rested and watched TV.
I didn't get into bed until after midnight on this busy Friday.
Thankful for my blessings of this day and asking for healing for son and for natural labor to begin for daughter.
God Bless and Good Night

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