Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Woke to a dreary drizzly morning today as I went out to do the chores.
I checked with daughter to see if they had a good night and she hadn't slept much. She had company this morning so I stayed here and baked cakes. I baked 2 chocolate, 4 pound, 1 blackberry wine before getting ready to head to the hospital. When I looked around this morning I saw these two sacked out on the same rug and thought to myself it is going to be sad for the one that lives the longest as I know they will miss the other one.
I got to the hospital about 1:30 and held g-daughter I while her mom and dad both took a 2 hour nap to refuel themselves for all their company tonight.
Hubbie came by after work and just before we got ready to leave d-in-love called and wanted to bring g-son over to see the baby so we stayed to help out with the kids.
G-son loves  babies and it looks like g-daughter I was really checking out her older cousin.

Of course g-daughter R wanted in on the action.
She even tried to pry her out of her mom's arms to have all to herself.
We left after all the kids had time to get to know each other and as more company started coming in to see the new baby.
I did chores while hubbie hopped on the lawn mower since today is going to be the only day without rain until the tropical storm named Cindy passes the area Sunday. Her track brings her just above our area on Saturday and the predictions are for significant rainfall for all in her path .
Of course this certainly can be changed to more of less depending on the exact track.
As I came inside tonight after shutting up the chickens the wonderful aroma of these Mimosa blossoms caught my attention. I love this time of year and the fragrance these give off. It's as if this is the welcoming ritual of summer each year as they seem to bloom just as summer officially begins.
With this first day of summer its fun to look back just one year and marvel at all the changes since the beginning of summer last year.
We were in high gear getting things ready for daughter's and Josh's wedding. On this date we were taking g-son to Cub Scout camp instead of the basketball camp he is attending today and the weather was very dry unlike the expectations of the tropical rain we are expecting to start overnight.
My life surely does just keep getting better and better !!!!!   Love these three with all my heart and give thanks each and every day for them .
God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I love the last picture you posted - so sweet. God has so richly blessed you with those three beautiful grandchildren. Blessings