Friday, June 23, 2017


Early wake up this morning as I get chores done quickly and head over to daughter's to pick her and g-daughter I up to take I to her first doctor's appointment.
Daughter's walkway is so pretty bordered with all the blooming flowers.
 We got to the doctor 's and thankfully they put us in a back waiting room away from all the sick kids in the regular waiting room.
G-daughter I was borderline Jaundiced yesterday when she left the hospital so they wanted to check her again today.
She didn't much care for the doctor's office !!!

She checked out fine and thankfully didn't have jaundice bad enough for any concerns.
We left there and went to the Aldi store in Arden for both of us to get groceries and baking supplies.
We took turns shopping and sitting in the car with a sleeping baby then we waited for Andrea one of daughter's good friends to meet us with some things for daughter's healing. Andrea works in a hospital in Morganton and just had a baby in March so she had some things left over and gave them to daughter.
It was good to see her and her family for a short visit as they passed through on their way to visit family in Georgia.
We then made stops at CVS and picked up some lunch and headed to daughter's house. Daughter was looking pretty pale and moving very slowly by this time and needed a good rest time.
I left them there with Josh and headed home.
I got home at 3:30 and ate my late lunch salad and then started baking . I baked 6 caramels, 1 pound, 2 blackberry wines and 2 pans of brownies .
#1 son brought a load of gravel and spread it on our driveway to repay hubbie for all the painting he did. Thanks son !!!
Hubbie came in from work and took a nap while I finished baking then we did chores. I checked the card on my camera but there were no pictures of any over night critters. It rained pretty hard at times last night so maybe that kept them at bay. There was over 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge this morning.
G-daughter R was cute in her sundress this evening and she loves this dog named Marlee.

#2 son bought a used 2008 Toyota Tundra truck this evening so he would have something to pull the new boat they bought with.

It has been a nice sunny warm day today as the storm named Cindy is expected to hit our area later tonight but her effects are predicted to be even less than originally forecast as she stayed more to the west and north of us.

After chores I iced cakes and got into bed about midnight, whew !!!!
Thankful that g-daughter I is healthy and praying for quick healing for daughter. Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the strength He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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