Monday, May 8, 2017


Monday morning ,uhhhh, another busy week starting with g-daughter's arrival at 7am.
Hubbie got up to get her breakfast so I could catch a few more zzzz.s thankfully. It is another cool morning and these warm covers feel oh sooo goooodddd !!!
I did chores and had breakfast while hubbie tried to get g-daughter to take an early nap since she isn't feeling great this morning and has a really snotty nose .
No dice for the nap so they played while I got laundry started.
I only got one load washed and dried before lunch then it was time to take my Honda to Apple Tree Honda for my yearly service appointment and inspection. Apple Tree has a policy to do inspections free for the life of every car bought there if you bring it back to them.
They also sent me a $19 coupon for an oil change and I had them rotate my tires as I now have 10,000 miles on my Pilot.
The man I made the appointment with told me to expect a 2 hour wait so hubbie followed me over there in his truck.
I checked in and then we got in his truck and went to the Walmart just down the road and stopped at a furniture place for me to look for a small rocker recliner. They had just what I want but the price was $500 so I'll keep looking !
We got back to the dealership in about an hour and they were just finishing my Honda so that was perfect timing.
This is g-daughter last year at this same time while we were doing the same thing.
And this was today, wow , where does the time go ????  Won't be long until she will be wanting one of these to drive !!!
And while I was paying the bill hubbie took her in the children's room but nothing entertains her like climbing onto things these days.
We stopped and picked up some more chick starter feed on the way home at Southern States .
We made it home in time for me to get 2 more loads of laundry done before d-in-love came to pick g-daughter up.
Hubbie went to the garden to "hill" the potatoes one last time and this helps to keep them out of standing water with all this rain.
I crocheted more on g-daughter #2 's afghan.
I did chores and then more crocheting .
It is another cool evening and more rain is predicted for early morning before we feel more like spring tomorrow afternoon.
Thankful to the Lord for safe travel today and for all the blessings He showers down on me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Wow, g0daughter really has grown so much in the last year. That is quite a deal you got from the Honda dealer. Yesterday was my day to take my Honda in to have an A/C relay replaced. However, since I drive a 2004 Honda Element I just take it to my local mechanic. Blessings