Monday, May 1, 2017


Up early to greet g-daughter and get the chores done before the hard rain gets here. The wind is getting bad and the light rain that is falling is blowing sideways making for a miserable morning. Looks like it may be an interesting day for us.

Re had some business to take care of this morning so EL and BB spent the time with us. The kids played well together with some refereeing now and then, haha. Especially these two little ones.
 Doctor g-daughter .......
 Wild man BB........
Pawpaw's lap was the place to be on a rainy day......
This one is getting so big ......
After Re picked up EL and BB just before lunch time we fixed lunch but g-daughter didn't get to eat much before her fun morning caught up with her.
After hubbie and I ate we headed out for an appointment at the bank to talk about some retirement plans for hubbie. The hard rains caught us on the way home and the wind was scary blowing tree limbs all over the roads. Thankfully we made it safely .
I did laundry for the rest of the afternoon while hubbie played with g-daughter.
After d-in-love picked her up hubbie and I rested and watched the news. The rain passed through our area thankfully without any damage around our place and only leaving 1 inch in the gauge this evening.
We  even saw some peaks of sunshine this evening.
May is typically a rainy month for us and it is starting out wet this year with rain today and more predicted later this week with some cooler temps.
It also looks like for the first week of May anyway we are going to have average or below average temps.

Thankful for the safe arms of God protecting us today from the storms and very thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You had a house full of laughter and jabbering yesterday. Bet they all had fun playing together. we set a record for rain in April and May hasn't started out any different. Rained all day yesterday and today is cold, damp and dreary. We could really use a week of drying out. Blessings