Tuesday, May 2, 2017


G-daughter arrived a little after 7am this morning and we got started on the day with her having breakfast or at least having the opportunity to have breakfast !  I went to get dressed leaving her in the high chair with her waffles and grapes  and watching cartoons .
When I got back to the kitchen most of her breakfast was on the floor ??
We headed out to her play school and she went happily today and never even looked at me when I left.
I stopped by the laundry on the way home to wash the big rug that I had in the living room. Dolly had several accidents on it and I decided to take it up and not have a big rug in there for  a while. I loaded the washer and then went just up the street to Ingles to get gas and a few things we are out of like milk !!  I also found a couple meat deals on sale today.
I got back to the laundry just as the washers were finishing. I had taken the covers from April to wash also since I was going to be there and I dried the covers before I left.
I made it home at 9:30 and finished the chores before hanging the rugs on the line to dry and putting away the covers.
I took a nice walk in the 70 degree morning and picked up the fallen limbs from the ditches and lawn as I walked. The wind did a number on most of the trees since the leaves are now out making the rain soaked limbs really heavy.
I came back inside with just enough time to read the morning paper before going to pick up g-daughter. She had a good day but was very tired. She went to sleep as soon as I got her in her car seat.
I had lunch while she continued her nap when we got home.
After she woke up and had some green beans and grapes for lunch we went outside to play. This girl loves the animals and lucky Annie was the recipient of her adoration today !!

We came back inside to have a snack and we made this necklace from the snap together pieces.
Aunt T came by for a nice visit after she left school.
D-in-love picked g-daughter up and then I headed out to move some of my feathered friends around to make room for more chicks that hatched last night.
This is one of the white Silkie hens from the big box that I partitioned into 2 parts and this hen hatched 6 chicks and needed a bigger space.

 So I moved the Quail pair into the smaller condo box above the lone male Quail I have.
The Red Silkie that hatched the first lone chick was currently residing in here and I moved her into the big partitioned box where the white Silkie was. Are you confused yet ????
And this is the new abode for the white Silkie and her 6 chicks.
These little guys never stop being the cutest little fluff balls there are !!
#1 son came by to pick up some eggs to make sandwiches with and caught us up with his work happenings.
Hubbie signed papers for his retirement today so he will officially be retired by the first day of August.
There is still a bunch of paperwork to complete but at least he has it started. It takes about 3 months to get things ironed out and already we have ran into a couple stumbling blocks with things we thought we could do but can't !
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and for the love of a wonderful gracious Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Congratulations to your hubby on his upcoming retirement. Those baby chicks are just the cutest. Blessings