Sunday, May 7, 2017


Another cool 39 degree morning but thankfully it didn't get cold enough to frost.
We did some cooking before we left for church so things would be ready for lunch when we got back.
Church was good today still working through Mathew 5 this time about breaking promises and telling lies.
After church we only had Aa for lunch as #1 son's family went to meet d-in-loves family at her brother's new house they are getting ready to move into. D-in-love's mom is going to also put a house on the property to live near them.
#2 son is golfing and daughter is going to an awards banquet at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville for her sports teams.
Aa and us had a nice visit ,some times it is better to have some one on one visits with all the kids at different times.
I spent another cool 60 degree afternoon inside crocheting on g-daughter #2 's blanket and fighting a head ache all afternoon.
Hubbie had a deacon's meeting at 4:00 so  we couldn't really go anywhere or do anything else today.
At choretime this evening I sadly removed the lifeless body of this guy's mate. Now I have 2 lone male Quails. Male Quails seem to have longer lifespans than females and this guy looks puzzled as to why he is now alone.

The evening was like the afternoon and we got an entire day of rest !!
When I went back outside tonight to shut the hen houses I noticed the moon had a bright shining partner tonight and discovered it was the planet Jupiter.
 The clearer I focused on the moon the duller Jupiter got.
 Over exposed shot !!
I-phone picture.
 Internet photo.

I did some more crocheting tonight and relaxed .
Thankful to God for a blessed Sunday and for the love of a wonderful Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Yes, one on one time is sometimes the best time spent. Your moon pictures are really cool. Blessings