Saturday, May 27, 2017


An hour earlier than most Saturdays start time today to get to market before all the parking spaces at market are taken up by Garden Jubilee shoppers. That's one drawback of having a business in town when things are going on downtown but we hope to draw some extra business from the extra shoppers. Some of our vendors don't even come in on these days but sometimes these are very good sales days for me.
We got set up and had a fairly busy early morning with market shoppers not wanting to get caught in the crowd of the festival.
Daughter brought fresh out the oven breads in about mid morning . Josh is not feeling well so she was late getting started today.
Sales really slumped in the late morning but the hot sunshine did up my craft sales for the day as several folks bought bonnets to protect the kids and them from the hot sun on the street.
Daughter left to go home and check on Josh then she came back at 2:00 to walk up on the street with me.
We loaded all the baked good crates in the back and took the big wagon out of the back seat and were on our way.
Our first disappointment was at the herb booth we always buy our herbs at . They had doubled their prices and the plants were smaller. Nicer plants could be bought at other booths for the same price.
We did manage to find a wagon full of plants and flowers but I forgot to take a pic of all our purchases.
The clouds moved in and cooled it off thankfully as we walked from one end of the street to the other.

Daughter and I had a strawberry slushie from Danny McConnell's  booth , the farmer we buy strawberries from.

We saw lots of neighbors and friends as we walked.
We made it back to the cars and got everything loaded up and headed out of town about 4:15.
I had to make a stop at Aldi for baking supplies and groceries then made it home at 5:00 for a long day !!
Hubbie who had worked outside in the heat all day and me rested for a while and watched the news. It was hard for me to keep my eyes open after my earlier than usual wake up and the heat of the afternoon.
I did chores, had a salad for supper and caught up my blog early so I could get into bed early tonight.
Since I haven't felt good this entire week I am really feeling tired tonight and looking forward to a long night of slumber. Hopefully the forecast storms won't disturb my sleep.

Thankful to God for a wonderful day filled with blessings.
God Bless and Good Night

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