Monday, May 15, 2017


G-daughter's 7am arrival got this week off to an early start. Hubbie got up to get her breakfast and I got to snooze a little longer.
I got chores done and was just finishing breakfast when Re brought EL and BB over to stay while she had some business to take care of.
These three fell right in playing with one another like they had been together everyday even though it has been 2 weeks since they saw each other.

They played hard all morning inside and outside.

 Re came back at lunch and we all ate yesterday's left overs for lunch then she took EL and BB home for naps.
I can't believe how time flies by as I snapped this photo this morning of hubbie and the girls I thought back to another photo of exactly the same scene and what a difference 18 months makes !!!
November 23, 2015......
Hubbie took g-daughter outside for a ride in the big stroller to get her to take a nap while I got 3 loads of laundry done. While she napped in the shade in the stroller hubbie put cages on our tomato plants in the garden.
When she woke up they played outside and I took a short vitamin D break while the last load of laundry dried.
We both played with her until mom picked her up at 5:00 today. There was a dance at the elementary school and g-son wanted to go so d-in-love stayed to wait for him. This is a pic of him, (in the pink shirt) and some of his friends cutting a rug to the  music.
After chores this evening I took a walk around the lower pasture. I have decided that I need to get back in the habbit of taking these walks.
The evening was really pretty.

Spring is so full of new life every where I look and it makes me so much closer to God to be out here taking in all of His creations.

And speaking of new life this is Molly, Tif's new niece born today and already stealing hearts !! Congrats to Tiff's sister Taylor and her hubs.

Carried water to all the out side potted plants to help them get through this weeks mid 80's days.
Spent a relaxing evening to end this beautiful 84 degree sunny day and sitting on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the sweet aroma from these gorgeous Roses.
Thankful to a wonderful , loving God for this beautiful world He created and for all the blessings of young life that I have enjoyed today.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Wow, you sure had your hands full with 3 little ones. Can't believe how much they have grown. You have such a beautiful place to walk around in. I just see city sidewalks and houses; but I am grateful for that as I am at least outside walking in the fresh air. Love your rose bush. Blessings