Thursday, May 4, 2017


Yes WAKE UP in more ways than one !!!!

Up early to get things done and get to market on time today. The sun made a brief appearance early but not for long as the clouds and cool temps took over making it feel more like fall than late spring.

I am back to long sleeves today and am still cool in this cement block building with all the heat turned off now.

Market is very very slow today and I am trying to entertain myself surfing the net . I ran across this comparison picture and it made me think how glorious and adapt nature is. Last fall when the fires ravaged our beautiful mountains I worried that our mountain beauty would never be the same.
This picture proves my worries unfounded and although I'm sure the forest floors have lost some of their beauty this gives me confidence that all will recover and much quicker than expected as this is God's country and HE as THE Creator makes all things new again in His own time.
New growth will soon cover the forest floors where fire burned it bare.
 Too bad we humans won't let God work His wonders on us !!!
I had a couple extra stops to make on my way home today. I ran regular errands then made a stop at the local farm outlet and sis-in-law Sandy's to return a dish that she brought to daughter's baby shower. I ran through intermittent rain on the way home and when I got here I had to unload in a steady rain.
I watched the news and decided to get chores done early before the hard rains get to our area. There was only 2/10ths inch in the gauge as I came inside from chores.
It didn't take long for the heavy rains to arrive  and it has rained hard all evening with some distant thunder and very high winds. I'm sure some trees will come down if this wind keeps up with the super saturated ground.
I had another unbelievable experience with another business today. We have a subscription to our local newspaper the Hendersonville Times News and when I got the credit card statement yesterday and saw that the billing date had went up 2 weeks from the 27th of each month to the 14th of the month I had to call to find out why I had lost almost 2 weeks of my month.
The unbelievable answer was that the paper from time to time put supplements in the paper about travel, etc. and these cost extra, like $2 each plus 6 days of your subscription time ????  Subscribers have no choice in whether to get these supplements or not and are automatically charged what ever the Times News staff deems correct.  I do remember seeing the travel one that came in the paper the first of April, we promptly threw it in the trash as it was full of advertisements and little else that we were interested in. The advertisements tell me they are getting paid well for these adds so charging paper subscribers is just greed upon greed !!!
If you are a news paper subscriber in our area please be aware of your billing cycles. And to top it off the lady was very nasty with me and actually hung up on me after she said I would only get $6 credit out of the $19 they charged my on 4/14 after I asked her to immediately cancel my subscription to their paper.
I did my April business figures tonight and was surprised at the amount I sold in the month of April so I am very thankful tonight and it looks like my business is picking up.
Hubbie and I spent a restful evening listening to the wind and rain outside and getting early bedtimes.
Please take time tonight on this National Day of Prayer to say a prayer for our country and our leaders as the need for God's intervention grows daily.

Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for God's protective arms tonight during this storm.

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linda m said...

I am so happy to see that the forest is recovering from the terrible fire. God id Great. Funny you should mention have problems with your newspaper. I am having problems just getting them to deliver my paper. We got a new carrier and after 3 1/2 years of perfect service this new carrier can't seem to find my house to deliver the paper. Even tho he delivers every day to my next door neighbor he misses me. I have complained numerous times and filed complaints. This last time I really "payed" into the person and told her how crappy their service was. She was so apologetic and told me she would work with the delivery service to make sure I got my papers. Well, we shall see - one more missed delivery and I am cancelling the paper. Customer service user isn't what it used to be. Have a great weekend and God's blessings to you and the family.