Monday, May 29, 2017


Memorial day breaks clear,sunny and warm .
I did chores and then hubbie and I had breakfast deciding what out agenda for the day would be.
We drove to Asheville to Davis Furniture Outlet to check out small recliners but the price was still too high for us even there.
We came back to the Tanger Outlets to check out the holiday sales.

We didn't find much that we needed there and made our way to Southern States for chicken feed. By this time the clouds were starting to bank up around and the wind was blowing like it was blowing a storm in.
Our last stop was at Aldi for a couple things for our cook-out today.
When we got home we got things put away and then started getting things ready for the cook-out. I also got a load of laundry started.
While we shopped #1 son's family also did some shopping and g-son got his first lawn mower. He is old enough now to start doing work and they have a small yard so this will give him a good start.

All the kids were coming at 5:30 and we decided to try it outside as the storms so far have went below our area.
We set up small tables outside so it would be easy to grab things and get out of the rain if it started. We got out the ball cage and this pool for the kids.

They had a good time playing together.
G-daughter wore her cowgirl hat and came in saying "yee-haw" !!!
We had ice cream cones for the kids for dessert and they all loved it.

Pawpaw and the littles !

All the kids made it today and had a nice visit. This is the first time in a long while that all 8 of the kids were together.
We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers to go with potato salad, baked beans,cole slaw and all the fixins for hotdogs and hambugers. Re brought strawberry pie for dessert and everyone ate their fill.
All the  kids had so much fun together today. G-son talked his uncle D into a game of "netless" volleyball.

When Pumpkin the cat showed up he got the attention of all the 2 littlest ones.

The rain started about 7:00 and we grabbed things and got everything inside before it got wet.
Hubbie and I did chores while the kids visited.
It was a wonderful time of fellowship and food and I am thankful for the opportunity to get everyone together.
We had fun but this is a very sad day for many folks who have lost loved ones fighting for the freedoms we have in this country. This is a day of remembrance of all the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the people in it. Thank you doesn't seem to even scratch the surface of  our gratefulness to these brave souls.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I wish there were more words to say than just Thank You to those who fought and gave their lives that you and I might be free. I am so grateful to them but just don't have enough words to say it. Blessings