Tuesday, May 23, 2017


G-daughter arrived at 7:25 this morning and we got started on our day. She seemed to be in a great mood today and waltzed right into her play school like she owned the place !!!
Back home I did chores in a misting rain and emptied 1/4 inch of rain from the gauge from the overnight rains. This was much less than was forecast for our area thankfully.
I had breakfast then read my devotions and did some ironing . Since the light rain is continuing I did a walking video online for my exercise for the day.
I walked down the street to get g-daughter instead of taking the stroller since it was raining pretty hard when I picked her up. She loved walking back to the Honda splashing in the puddles in her lime green rain boots.
As usual she went right to sleep and slept after we got home until I had my lunch. When she woke up she acted like her usual self for awhile.
She loves my raggedy dolls....
And was so proud to finally be able to stand on this stool and reach the sink in the bathroom.
As the afternoon wore on she became very clingy and acted like she did not feel well. She acted like she was having stomach pains. Poor baby just wanted to be held.
This is totally unlike her so I hope their is nothing serious going on with her.
After d-in-love picked her up I went downstairs to sew up these 2 little (curtain valence) aprons.
With this many rainy days I am starting to really make a dent in my cut-out pile.
Hubbie and I watched the news and waited out a hard rain shower before getting out to do the feeding chores. I emptied another 4/10ths inch of rain from the gauge at chore time.
This is a pic from down town this evening as the sun finally made a late appearance prompting a colorful rainbow.
We even saw some blue sky this evening at our place .
I spent some time this evening doing paperwork for hubbie's retirement and trying to get some insurance papers filed online but got locked out of the account because hubbie gave me the wrong password multiple times,grrrrrrr !!
I am thankful for the blessings of this day and the love of a gracious Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Being able to use the step stool to get to the sink is quite an achievement. Way to go g-daughter. We have had a misting rain for the last two days here. Love the rainbow picture and the blue sky picture. Blessings