Monday, May 22, 2017


This day got off to an early start with the arrival of g-daughter and g-son who didn't go to school today because he had pains in his stomach all night.

I think he may have been just hungry because he ate 2 waffles, a piece of cinnamon toast and a slice of caramel cake for breakfast !!!
I did chores and then loaded up Bernie for his yearly check up at the vets office so he can continue getting all his heart meds.
Bernie was not thrilled at all about the poking and prodding the vet did and looked as if he felt like he had indeed been violated.
There was no change and they are all still amazed that Bernie is still alive with his really bad heart .
We spent almost 2 hours at the vet and got home just before lunch. I had time to grab lunch of left overs and get one load of laundry done before it was time to head out again.
This time the kids went along as I have an eye exam appointment and always need to have my eyes dilated so hubbie has to drive me home. He walked around with the kids in a small shopping center near the Doctor's office. G-son pretended to pop wheelies on the riding lawn mowers.

G-daughter was not happy !!!

To hubbie's grief (and mine) my appointment took 2 hours.

For what reason I have no idea as I have never had to spend that long in there before. I need to get new glasses but didn't want to take time to look at frames with g-daughter starting to pitch a fit.
We headed home and she went to sleep for her afternoon nap. A thunder storm was dropping hard rain in town but only brought us a short shower and a little over 1/10th inch of rain here.
I didn't have time to do any more laundry before it was time to head out once again . As soon as d-in-love picked the kids up hubbie and I loaded up Flash the Basset Hound and back to the vet we went for Flash's rabies shot.
He was unexpectedly very good and if we had known he would have been this well behaved I could have handled him and Bernie both this morning. At least this vet visit only took about 30 minutes.
Whew !!!!  At least we got home in time to get a short break with a cup of hot green tea while the news was on before it was chore time this evening.
This Kousa Dogwood tree is so pretty this year and this limb so heavy with wet blossoms forms an arch over this pathway. Beauty on a cloudy rainy day !!!
After chore time I got my other 2 loads of weekly laundry done and went over more retirement paperwork for hubbie.
Thankfully my throat feels much better today with a good nights sleep last night and I feel like I am getting my strength back.
Each time I am at market and look around at my empty craft shelves I promise myself sewing time each day. So tonight I made good on that promise and sewed up this little baby bonnet I already had cut out.
I am going to get an early bed time again tonight to keep my recovery on the upside.
It is 10:15 and I am signing off and heading to bed.
Thankful for traveling mercies for all my doctor and vet visits today and for positive outcomes at each visit.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Very happy to hear all the good news from both the vet visits and your doctor visit. i have a feeling when I go to the eye doctor next month that I will need new glasses. Picking out new frames is not something I enjoy as I can't see that good with out my glasses, so how can i tell what the frames look like on me. Glad you are feeling better. Blessings