Friday, May 12, 2017


Holidays always make for busy times for me and even Mother's Day doubles my Friday workload but I am thankful for the business.
After chores, devotions and a short walk which was filled with beautiful new spring color and these blooming Honeysuckles bringing back such sweet memories each year when I have to sample the sweet nectar inside these long tubular blossoms. When I was growing up I would anxiously wait for these flowers to bloom each spring and relish the sweetness as I sipped their nectar and inhaled the wonderful aroma they give off .
Some how as I tasted the nectar this morning I couldn't get that same feeling from years ago, maybe my taste buds are different than they used to be !!
This Rhodie beside my sewing shop is looking a bit shaggy this year with only a few pretty blossoms.
And the Kousa Dogwood is blooming although this tree is taking on a strange shape of its own.

My walk ended and the work day began as I baked 12 caramel cakes before shutting the ovens off to meet daughter out at the high school at their plant sale. We both found several hanging plants and some bedding plants that we couldn't live without. The young men that were helping us this year were so nice I enjoyed making a donation to their hard work of growing all these plants.
I got 2 purple wandering Jew hanging baskets .....

  1 Swedish Ivy hanging basket .....

along with another Boston fern.....

 and I got a pot of Snake Plant...... I bought one of these several years ago from them but it doesn't have these pretty yellow borders. The boys said the yellow was because of the amount of light it gets so I put this new one outside for the summer.

  I also got several flower bedding plants along with some cucumber and squash to replace the seeds that I planted that haven't come up.
When I got home in a light rain I went ahead and set out all the flowers so they could get a nice drink of rain. I also moved things around on the porches and put up all the hanging baskets.
I came inside and turned the ovens back on and finished baking 2 chocolate layer cakes, 4 pound cakes , 2 blackberry wine cakes and 2 pans of brownies and turned the ovens off around 4:00.
I had a visit from a friend , Judy Merrell , picking up a caramel cake and we always find way too much to talk about !!
It has been a cool day with the light mist of rain falling on and off all afternoon.
After we watched the news and weather on TV we did chores early as the heavier rains are headed our way soon.
Just as darkness fell thunder and lightening started with heavy rain as the front sped through our arrea.
The fast moving front only dropped 4/10ths inch of rain but gave us a pretty bad lightening show.
I spent the evening in the kitchen icing cakes and getting things ready for this Saturday before Mother's Day market day.
I managed to fall into bed at 11:30 tonight thankful for a day filled with Heavenly blessings and Love from my wonderful Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night.

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