Wednesday, May 17, 2017


GRRRRRR !!!!!  Got this day off to a late start by making a phone call first that I thought would only take a minute. This retirement stuff for hubbie is way too complicated. It's almost as if they are nit picking every little thing to find a reason to deny things ???  When I sent in a form for secondary beneficiaries I put all three of the kids but that won't work. So I tried to change it online and it wouldn't let me, thus the phone call but guess what it still didn't get changed but after an hour I decided to try again later !!!
Now I 'm out doing the chores late and  then after taking a couple more cake order calls it is 10:00 and I'm starting to get a headache because I haven't even had breakfast.After finally finishing breakfast I decided to take a walk anyway to calm my nerves. And it worked as this is my happy place , outside communing with God's wonderful creations.  Mama duck walks her babies through the Buttercups.
The tomato farmers used black plastic this year instead of the white plastic like last year ?? They are finally starting to set the tomato plants today. It has been too wet.

Back inside I decided to get my baking for the day started. I didn't have much until the 2 orders called in earlier today. I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine before having a late lunch to go with my late breakfast.
The sun was bright and the temp was 84 but my body felt the need for some relaxing warm sunshine.
It didn't take long to satisfy that need in the "hot" sunshine but it gave me a chance to recharge a little before housecleaning began.
I was just mopping myself out the back door when hubbie got in from work so we sat out in the covered patio and enjoyed a nice breeze until the floors dried.
We watched the news and then did chores. I had a salad for supper and then did weekly paperwork and paid bills.
We watched Survivor on TV then I finished out the night icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
May 1987 was a fun month with these three littles, ages 5, 4, 2 , we definitely had our hands and hearts full.
We always loved to go to the beach before the crowds and it was so much cheaper to go before the season. We stayed in a hotel called The Reef.

These three loved the beach.

And the pool......

Me with all three while #2 son practices floating.
They also loved the amusement park rides.

Later that month they all got dressed up for move up day at the day care they were all going to at that time.

The day care was called Home Grown Children and it was owned and operated by a friend of mine, Shelia Corn and she hired great teachers and did a great job with all the kids. That is her on the left as #2 son receives his certificate. That was our pediatrician Dr. Goodwin handing out the certificates.
This is his class.
#1 son receives his certificate.
And this is his class.
Also that month this is a newspaper clipping about the Curb Market.
Loved these years in the life of our family as they so full of activities and fun.
Thanking God each time I post these past memories that He blessed me with so many blessings along the way and took care of my family as only He could do.
God Bless and Good Night

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