Tuesday, May 9, 2017


G-daughter arrived right after 7am today and I got started early. I set her in her high chair with her breakfast while I got  dressed.
We headed out to her play school right on time. She walked right in and started playing today.
I came home to finish chores and have my breakfast.
I took a walk in the really nice morning with temps already reaching 70 with bright sunshine.
This Climbing Rose is really showing off this year.
Seems lately there have been a multitude of these little guys that have moved into and around the yard.

After my walk I had my devotions and then it was time to go back after g-daughter. She slept on the way home then long enough for me to eat my lunch before she woke up.
She wasn't hungry and just wanted to go outside .
She is like a ball of fire when she gets outside, she runs from one thing to another as fast as she can.

 Not allowed to put her hands in the water in these buckets she stirred it with a stick !!!
I heard a noise down on the road and when I turned back around from looking at the road this is where she was.
Climbing is an obsession with her right now.
She likes Roho the rooster and wondered what he was doing in the dog lot.
She finally got tired and hungry so we came inside for a snack then she was at her climbing again.
After her mom picked her up I rested and watched the news. Hubbie came in from work and rested a few minutes also.
We had supper and then did chores as he has a meeting at church tonight at 7:00.
I spent the time while he was at his meeting finishing crocheting the afghan for g-daughter #2.
Nothing special about the afghan as it is a regular double crochet stitch but this yarn daughter ordered is the softest I have ever felt.
 Speaking of g-daughter #2 this is a pic daughter sent me today from the top of Glassy Mountain in Carl Sandburg National Park as she and a friend hiked the trail after school today.

This has been a beautiful day with plenty of blessings to be thankful for. God is so good all the time!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What is it with little ones loving to climb. My son was a climber also. She is just so cute. Love the afghan. Blessings