Sunday, April 30, 2017


Surprised by the welcoming sunshine this morning as I did chores and got ready for church.
We started cooking the fresh potatoes hubbie brought yesterday and then headed to church.
Pastor Craig preached from Mathew 5 today on the big D I V O R C E subject. It left the song by Tammy Wyanette  running through my head all afternoon, thanks Craig !!!
We came home for lunch with #1 son's family and Re and the kids. Re cooked a turkey and I made dressing, potatoes, fresh green beans , corn on the cob and biscuits which everyone enjoyed very much. Aa is working today trying to get more sod grass planted before the rain moves back in tonight. Daughter and Josh have a childbirth class all afternoon today and #2 son and is golfing and Tif is working.
The kids had fun playing outside in the nice weather and eating freeze pops to begin the summer routine !!!

It must be nice to always have big brother to come to the rescue.
After all the kids left hubbie and I did some yard work, well I don't really consider it work because I so enjoy my plants and flowers.
I bought a trellis a couple weeks ago to put on this wall so I could move the red climbing rose that we moved from our first home to this one and then the Azalea bushes took over the front of it and totally shaded it  in that location.  It has a couple rose buds on it but with quite a tramatic move, because  some of the branches had grown under the siding on the house and some of the roots had grown into the foundation so that they all had to be cut off, I'm not sure it will continue to bloom this year .
In fact I'm not sure it will continue to live with the shortened root system so we put it in this pot so we can give it some extra care.

I noticed this smaller rose is starting to bloom.
And the Iris, oh my , the Iris are so pretty this year. A new color started to bloom today as these yellow ones opened up over night.
This is a huge purple bloom that is the biggest Iris bloom I have ever seen .
More of both these beauties are also blooming brightly.

I moved some other plants around ,watered all the under the porches plants and pulled the chickens some weeds which they loved before taking a cup of hot tea out in the covered patio to relax awhile before chore time.
We had a restful evening to get ready for a busy week.
As this month of April 2017 comes to an end with a beautiful sunny warm day we can look back over a very soggy month as we manages to wipe out our sever drought standing . We also continued our streak of above average temperature months as we were above average this month on twice as many days as we were below average and ended being 3.2 degrees above the average and having 2 new record breaking hot days.

This has been a busy month with soccer season beginning for g-son, Easter , a Pickens flea market trip, and a couple baby showers to attend for the upcoming birth of g-daughter #2.
I also bought a new oven and a new dishwasher this month which is making my baking chores go much easier and quicker as market slowly picks up.
I have 3 sets of chicks that have hatched this month giving me plenty of sweet , soft little chicks to admire.
We got our spring garden as well as our summer garden started this month with the hopes of no more cold weather.
We have had several loud thunder and lightening storms this month which have caused several sleepless nights.
All this rain has surely made for lots of beautiful blooming flowers this month as the yard and surrounding woods have lit up with color.
#1 son has been working all month on finishing the upstairs in his house so g-son can have a place of his own.
#2 son has been working and the wedding planning is continuing.
Daughter is getting ready for g-daughter #2 to make her arrival as she goes into the last part of her pregnancy.
Re is still awaiting the judges decision about whether or not she will get custody of her two nieces and has made several trips back and forth to Ohio this month as Aa stays here and works in his busiest time of the year planting sod grass and soy beans for the farm he works for.
April 2017 has been a busy but good month for the family and I pray that May will come in with many new adventures and that God's will be done and His love be shown in all that we do .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a beautiful Lord's Day you had. Your flowers are so pretty. It's nice to see EL and BB in the pictures. Happy May Day to you and God Bless.