Friday, April 21, 2017


Woke to a sunny warm day this morning. Hubbie is taking another day off work to work around here.
After we did chores and had breakfast he got the tractor and his wood carrier on the back and went into the bottom pasture to clean up all the debri left by the last flooding.
He picked up 3 boxes filled with logs,limbs and sticks .

I took a nice long walk in the nice weather. I admired all the beautiful blooms that have emerged after the rain this week. This is the first Iris to bloom.

The old fashioned Snowball bush is covered with snowballs that are starting to turn white.
Fleabane Daisys are already blooming this year.

 The Golden Oxalis is showing itself a little early also.

The woods in front of the house are filled with color from the Dogwood trees and Money Plant.

This Azalea is glorious this year !

All my Hosta are growing nicely this year and are really pretty shades of green..

The Cottonwood tree in the yard is blooming and there will soon be a covering of these purple blossoms all over the lawn.
And even inside the Easter Cactus is blooming.

I came inside and started baking. I baked 2 pound cakes, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 1 pan of brownies. When hubbie came in for lunch I was doing a happy dance after discovering this oven is bigger inside than my previous one and that means more cakes can be baked at a time. I discovered that 4 layers will fit on each of the three racks in the ovens making it possible to bake 6 layer cakes at a time in each oven. I also can get 3 pound cakes on the rack at a time , Yea !!!!
This means less baking time and less running time for the ovens !!!
After lunch I started up to the hen houses to remove the plastic window coverings but thought I had better stay close to the house phone as the Direct TV man was coming to re-install new equipment and turn our Direct TV back on some time between noon and 4pm.
I sat outside the back door until the clouds covered the sun. Hubbie was mowing the lawn and he had to speed up as you could see the rain coming across the mountains.

 And about 2:00 the rain arrived dropping heavy showers for the next hour.
The Direct TV man made it about 3:30.

This is an interesting saga . I canceled our Direct TV service earlier this month as the price went up to high and my year contract at $56 ran out on the 11th. I talked to 2 different Direct TV people and they both said I couldn't get anymore discounts and would have to cancel or pay the higher price so I canceled. They sent me a pre-paid postage box and I mailed the boxes and remotes and the smart cards back to them earlier this week.
I received a full bill for the entire month yesterday. I called Direct TV again to get the correct amount I needed to pay and was asked why I canceled my account. I went through the entire story once again and this time the lady said they didn't want to lose me as a customer and would give me a new 2 year contract even cheaper than I was paying before at $50 per month plus a $200 visa card , plus all new updated equipment and they would come out immediately and re-connect the service !!!! ??????
Anyway so we have Direct TV service once again.
The rain started back just before he left at 4:30 and it has rained off and on all evening with heavier rain after dark tonight.
I emptied 4/10ths from the gauge this evening at chore time.
I spent the evening icing my cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow .
The kids have had a wonderful time at the Great Wolf lodge today. Awww, she looks so big following her brother and Nic to the water slides.

And Josh and daughter had another beautiful day on the beach.

Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and for the never ending grace of my wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night

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