Friday, April 28, 2017


Most folks relish Fridays but for me Friday is the middle of my "kick butt" days of the week. As I did chores this morning in the cool cloudy morning I wondered if the weather folks had missed the forecast for a sunny warm day today ??
By the time I had breakfast and headed out on my morning walk the sun was starting to break through the clouds.
These are my flower buys from yesterday ....  These Marigolds will be in a planter on the front porch since they smell so good !!!
I will need to re-pot all these pretty Petunias in pots that will retain water.

There is plenty of beauty all around the yard this time of year as this Weiglia bush is in full bloom.
More Iris are blooming seems the different colors come out together.
Spotted my first Rose bloom today.
These Columbine flowers are really pretty.
And my Salvia survived another winter and is starting to bloom.
And this is a new plant for me as this "Wishbone" flower caught my attention with its small petunia looking blossoms.
And last but surely not least are these blooms. They are pretty but often bring with them a threat to all gardeners and farmers of  our last cold snap of the season as these Blackberries Blooms mean Blackberry winter is coming.

 And it seems as if right on cue the "U" winter storm was named today as Ursa slams the mid western states with heavy snow. Don't know yet what this will mean for us. So far all that is predicted is some highs in the upper 50's and low 60's and lows around 40 for the end of the week. Hopefully this will be all it means for us !!!

After I walked I moved all my plants that have over wintered in the basement outside and gave them a good drink. These plants have done better this year than previous years. I have 2 Boston ferns that I have had for several years and they are not even shedding a lot of leaves this year. I also have 2 citronella plants,1 Lemon Oregano, 1 purple Wandering Jude and a large Crown of Thorns plant. I also have 4 Aloe plants , 3 of them I left in the downstairs window, I just have to remember to continue watering them !!
I was sweating from the quickly heating up day when I got this job finished.
I called Direct TV to try to straighten out my new contract with them and finally got to talk to someone who could help me. She apologized for what the salesgirl had told me and then didn't do and did what she could to make it right. I escalated my complaint to her superiors and they are going to listen to the phone conversation I had with the salesgirl and all her empty promises and send me a transcript of it. Hopefully they will do something about all the lies she told me to get me to re-sign with Direct TV but I'm not expecting them to do a lot either. If a company has to have a panel of employees hired only to sit and listen to complaint calls all day there is something wrong !!!!
I'll just be glad to get a transcript of the call to use in the future if my problems continue.
This took up almost the entire morning so I was behind to get my day started now.
I baked 6 caramel, 1 chocolate, 4 pound, 1 pan of brownies then had a late lunch since I had calmed down enough to eat.
I got the last cakes from the ovens at almost 3:30 !!  I felt mentally exhausted so a much needed vitamin D break helped to relax me even if it was hot !
I was sweeping off the front porch when hubbie came in from work and he helped me move some of the heavy chairs around to clean all the leaves from under them.
We went up to his shop to finish the new brooder, totally made from old scraps we had laying around it isn't very pretty but it is very functional.

We worked on it and got it in place just before 8:00 so I waited until after dark to move her in there. Tomorrow will tell if she will settle on the nest I put in there or not.
I took the plastic window shields off all the hen houses to let the fresh air move through.
I came inside and had a late supper to go with the late lunch I had then I iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
I am a tired lady tonight and didn't even turn the computer on so this is being written between customers on Saturday morning and back dated.
Thankful to God for the blessing of health and the beautiful world He created for our enjoyment.
God Bless and Good Night

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