Sunday, April 9, 2017


We celebrated Palm Sunday this year at church with our choir presenting their Easter music program which was very touching. #1 son filled in for someone in the nursery and d-in-love played violin in the program so g-son sat with hubbie and I. He and hubbie appear to be transfixed by the program.
Then he wanted a pic of he and I with him working the phone !!
We came home for a lunch of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and biscuits. #1 son's family and Aa and the kids ate with us today.
After we ate I went over to Aa's and stayed with the kids while they napped so that Aa could go pick up 6 goats he bought. He bought a mama and 2 babies, a teenage nanny goat and 2 bucks. They are really nice goats and the babies are sooooo cute !!!
I came home and hubbie helped me fix a separate pen for the red rooster I have and a hen friend for him.
Then I headed up to church to go to the Easter egg hunt with EL and BB. They had a puppet show first that the kids enjoyed and then it was on to the lawn and all the eggs.
 BB got into the egg hunt this year !!!
 EL was like a streak running around filling her bucket.
She was proud of her haul....

So was BB .....
When all the eggs were picked up we all went inside to have cupcakes, drinks and open all the eggs to see what surprises were inside.

It was a fun time for everyone and what a beautiful day the Lord gave us to have this activity on.
The sun was really warm and my arms are actually sunburned a little tonight from being outside all afternoon with short sleeves on.
I came home to more chicken moving as I broke the only egg the little black Silkie had under her that didn't feel like it had a chick in it and when I broke it I was definitely right about that as it was just a stinky powdery rotten egg !!!  After turning her back out into the lot with the other Silkies I moved the red Silkie who only hatched 1 Silkie chick out of the dozen eggs she went through the really cold nights with into that smaller box. In the big box where she had been I put up a divider that hubbie made last year and put two more white setters in there with 6 eggs each under them. That means I now have 4 hens setting on eggs . Maybe my setting luck will change as this has not been a good year for hatching chicks so far with the up and down temperatures.
I was out until after dark doing all this moving and then came inside to work on the computer a bit to search for the best deal on a double oven. I guess tomorrow I will see if Lowes will meet Sears deal on an oven. I really don't want to deal with Sears again because of the lousy service they give on their products so hopefully Lowes will match the price.
Thankful for this Palm Sunday and for the love of our precious Lord who set in motion the sacrifice of His one and only Son on this day to save man kind from all our sins and give us a pathway for eternal salvation.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

It was a beautiful Palm Sunday here also. Church was fantastic with the children waving palm branches. Good luck with getting a new double oven. I would be careful about buying from Sears as I heard they will probably end up filing for Bankruptcy soon. Blessings