Sunday, April 16, 2017

HALLELUJAH HE IS RISEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter Sunday !!!  Hope you feel as blessed today as I do !!!  Jesus defied death and the grave and sits now beside His father in Heaven !!!
My nephew's fiance went to the Chimney Rock sunrise service this morning and sent these pics . It was a glorious morning.

At our church this morning we had our sunrise service and the sun didn't disappoint there either.

G-son and G-daughter looked really cute in their Easter outfits today at church.
Hubbie is the Deacon on the far left in the white shirt as they got ready to serve the Lord's Supper.
We came home to a wonderful Easter lunch that hubbie and I got up very early this morning to get prepared. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans,mac and cheese,sweet potato casserole,7-layer salad, the left over pasta salad from last night and sweet tea. Aa, #1 son's family and Josh and daughter were our guest.
The grands enjoyed their Easter baskets I bought for them.
 G-daughter loved her glasses........
 But she thought Pawpaw looked better in them !!!!
After we all ate it was outside to hunt the stuffed Easter eggs hidden by daughter , Josh and I .
I was surprised at how much g-daughter got into the picking up.

And she was eager to share with Flash .
Of course g-son who is old hat at this was dashing around the yard collecting a bucket full of eggs.

He was willing to share with his little sister at least this year !!!
 Aunt T likes candy too !!!!
As dark clouds periodically passed over we were fortunate we didn't get any eggs rained on although we surely could have used the rain.
After everyone went home hubbie and I made a trip to Walmart for some forgotten items from yesterday.
We ran into some friends and our quick trip took alot longer than expected but we enjoyed talking with our friends.
We came home to some relaxing time on the front porch and then did chores. As I walked back by the garden I noticed my greens and lettuce were coming up. I called hubbie up there and we put the rabbit guard up around the garden . I hate to work like that on Sunday but one night of a rabbit invasion could wipe out a tender row of greens and lettuce.
The sunset tonight was once again as glorious as the sun rise on this perfect day to celebrate our risen savior.
After a week that followed the last week of our blessed Savior's life here on earth as a human we celebrated with humble and inspiring awe His resurrection from the grave this morning as the beautiful sun rose on an empty tomb many years ago.

I was touched by a very humbling church service this morning then was blessed with spending the afternoon with loving family and friends and then to end this Easter Sunday watching  a glorious God given sunset. Wow !!!!  Hallelujah  to a Risen Savior !!!!   Happy Easter !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Happy Easter to you. Hubby and I had a very blessed Easter here also. Church service was awesome. Sure wish I could send you some of our rain. The soggy soil makes it very difficult to do yard work around here. Blessings