Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Up to a cloudy dreary day. Only 2/10ths inch of overnight rain in the gauge this morning was less than we expected.

After chores and breakfast I started out on my walk but cut it short when a light drizzle of rain came . It is cooler this morning at only 55 degrees and I don't want to get too wet.
I came back inside and had devotions then decided to try out my new ovens. I baked a couple pound cakes in each one. There is definitely a learning curve to get the timing right in these new ovens but the cakes came out good .
The true test will come when I stack several layers of layer cakes in the ovens.
I was able to sit out in the sunroom while the cakes were baking instead of having to babysit the ovens closely today which was very nice.
This is my view as I sat and had a cup of hot tea.  Hubbie and son decided to wait for a dry day to get this old heavy oven down the bank in the back yard to be loaded on the truck. And hubbie decided to wait until he gets it out of the way before he tackles getting the new dish washer installed.
After my cakes got done I had a quick lunch with daughter as she brought some things over to store in our basement. She also got some paint that hubbie had for her to use.
She is working hard on her nursery this week while she is off.

After she left I worked on planning her baby shower that d-in-love and I are giving her this Sunday afternoon.
I did more odds and ends small jobs to finish out this cool muggy day.
After chores this evening #2 son came by for a nice visit and brought the box that Direct TV sent for me to ship back my boxes and remotes in. He helped pack them up and he took them with him to mail off tomorrow.
Back in April of 1987 we had a big snow storm that the kids loved.

Sugar the St Barnard loved the snow !!!!
Easter that year was good for these three . #1 son -5 yrs old, #2 son-4 yrs old, daughter-2 years old.

Easter egg hunting at Granny Ila Moore's .

I am tired tonight and looking forward to a hot soak in the tub and an early bedtime. Perfect weather for snuggling down under the warm covers.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and asking for His guidance in the days to come.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Very happy to hear that your new ovens seem to be working. That must be a relief for you.. Your kid's were so cute in the pictures. Blessings