Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Up and out on a beautiful morning. After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk and noticed more bloomers making their Spring debut. The rain and now this very warm sunshine seems to be just what Mother Nature ordered !!  This Snap Dragon has escaped the pot it was planted in last year.
 Chive vinegar time !!!
 My little carnation Azaleas.
Back inside I had devotions and then baked cakes. With the weather prediction for tomorrow I didn't bake much, only 2 pound cakes and a carrot cake for an order.
One of my cousins, Vendetta Thomas stopped by with daughter's baby gift and we had a nice visit.
I spent the rest of the afternoon in house cleaning mode. I have been neglecting housework lately with other Wednesday activities and today was a must !!!
I also changed out all the Easter d├ęcor for the new month. I was getting ready to mop the floors when hubbie got in from work. He quickly changed his boots and  got out of my way heading up to his work shop to work on another chick brooder house for me.
I finished mopping and then hubbie and I went to the garden to get all the pepper and tomato plants that we bought last week set out. This is a bit early but the weather shows no signs of turning cold again as for as the extended forecast. I want to try to get my canning vegetables in early so I can do most of my canning in July this year before school starts back for teachers in August.
As usual I didn't realize we had so many plants !!!

We finished chores and got inside just in time to watch Survivor at 8:00.
After the show I did weekly paperwork and paid bills then iced the carrot cake and got things ready for market.
To finish up the April decade pictures back in April 2007 we had a bouncing baby boy that was starting to really have a personality and be so much fun as g-son was 6 months old.
He loved Pawpaw's big green tractor !!!

And of course there was lots of fun with Aunt T on the beautiful sunny days of April that year.

Thankful for the memories and for the blessings through the years and today that make this journey through this life so much fun.
God Bless and Good Night.

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